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Series of Three Light Activations

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In this time of deep transformation on Earth, the Star Beings of the Light wish to offer you 3 activations to empower you to walk the path of the spiritual warrior, and overcome the chaos of the conditioning, and the states of fear and separation that exist in the human community. You are strengthened to become a pillar of light for the New Earth that is built through the connection with your limitless wisdom and sacred heart. In this series of three Light Activations, Fotoula Adrimi channels the high vibrational energy and words of Star Beings of the Light. The meditations and downloads are offered unconditionally by the Beings of Light to activate Light Codes of Power that are already in your energy field. These activations awaken what you already have inside. The Star Beings suggest that you leave 3 to 4 weeks between each webinar in this series. This will allow an integration period before the next energy activation. The Star Beings speak: "It is our wish to offer people the keys of power that will further unlock the human potential. This is already happening for some of you. The Path of Illumination is opening for those who wish to walk it. It is your collective wish to return to your inherent nature of Oneness that has created this time and is opening these doors for you. May your steps guide you to your own Light consciousness." What you need: A small clear quartz crystal with a point (this can be the same crystal you used in another Light Activation Webinar)




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