The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Welcome to The ISIS School Courses and Workshops

The ISIS School of Holistic Health provides excellent programmes for those intererested in the spiritual and mystical arts to expand the mind and open the heart. It is a place of compassionate learning and study, where the emphasis is on developing our inherent connection with the Divine Light within. The focus for all the programmes is on experiential learning through an ever-deepening inner journey into the truth of 'who I AM' and what is unconditional love for self and the world. 

The Temple of Gaia – Teachings of the Living Light

The Teachings of the Living Light, as channelled by Fotoula Adrimi directly from ISIS, 

a representation of the energy of the Divine Mother, are a vast body of work, taking the 

practitioner, step by step, into awareness of the Divine Self. The Teachings consist of 

two separate bodies of work that interlink: the Seven Gates of Awareness and the 

Osiris Ascension Teachings. The aim of the Teachings is to open students to the 

'Light of the World so that they can become that Light.'


Shamanism and shamanic practitioner course

The School of Shamanism

Shamanism is one of the most ancient of spiritual practices. Through working with helping spirits, we can access parallel realities/universes to our own, to receive guidance and deep healing and embody our own divine spirit, to help our life and community. 

The School offers an online shamanic circle, and comprehensive courses for both beginners and experienced practitioners, including an in person shamanic practitioner course and an online shamanic practitioner course that includes shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, power retrieval, shamanic extraction, death and dying, medicine for the Earth, healing with spiritual light and Transfiguration.

Fotoula Adrimi is an experienced shamanic teacher, part of the Global Shamanic Teachers network, trained by Sandra Ingerman, western teachers and indigenous shamans in N. American and Himalayan practices. She also carries a lineage of these ways from ancient Greece that runs in her family.


The Rays of Divine Consciousness DNA activation

The Rays of Divine Consciousness

The ISIS School offers a unique attunement and spiritual practice of the Rays of Divine Consciousness. Divine Consciousness, in the form of high vibrational energy, flows into the body, through the opening of the crown attunement, which takes place in sacred sites, during the Rays retreat. There are 12 Rays in total, the same number as the spiritual DNA code. The practice strengthens our energy body and restructures our spiritual DNA. The Rays are a gift enabling us to enter into higher states of consciousness. The School offers monthly Transmissions of the Rays for you to experience this energy.


Spiritual Awakening through the Path of the Living Light

The Lotus School of Meditation

Meditation is a tool to help us tame the conditioned mind, open the heart and develop self-awareness to expand perspectives and increase the flow of positive energy into our life. Spiritual practice also helps us to detach from the patterns that hinder us connecting with our true essence. The School teaches a holistic meditation practice that includes silence, conscious breathing, sacred mantras, gratitude and guided visualisation practices. Fi Sutherland, who has been meditating daily since 1995, currently facilitates an online weekly Meditation and Chanting Circle on Thursday evenings.


Retreats of the Path of the Living Light - Egypt pilgrimage

Spiritual Pilgrimages – Spiritual pilgrimages are an invitation to connect with ancient sacred sites built by the ancestors on high frequency energy lines. Visiting these sites opens us up to the ancient energy wisdom codes that exist in the etheric realms. We work respectfully with the wisdom of the land and the local guardians of the sites, and share unique experiences through ceremony. The teachers of The School have extensive experience working in sacred sites. Past pilgrimages include Egypt (including private time in the Great Pyramid), Scotland (Kilmartin, Iona, Orkney, Lewis, Roselyn Chapel, Glasgow), England (Stonehenge, Avebury, Salisbury, Glastonbury, Rollright Stones), Wales (Anglesey), France (Pyrenees, Chatres, St Maries de la Mer, Carnac, Rennes le chateau), USA (Mount Shasta, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Mesa Verde, Mojave Desert, Joshua Tree National Park).

Pilgrimage to Nepal and Tibet – The ISIS School is currently organising a spiritual pilgrimage to Nepal and Tibet for August 2021.


RetreatsDuring our retreats, participants are invited to deepen their spiritual practice and connection with their inner self. The retreats give people the opportunity to have time away from everyday routine and view life from a bigger perspective. A variety of retreats are offered from the different disciplines practiced in the school, ranging from weekends to week-long programmes.


Meditation on awakening out of the conditioning into the heart

Nature as a Teacher We step over the threshold into the wild in order to recognise that we are not separate or above the natural world, that we are intrinsically a part of this world, that we are nature. Through medicine walks, vision quests, sweatlodges and supported time out in nature, we discover that the story of our lives is reflected in all that we encounter – the trees, the birds, the wind, the water, the Earth and the stars of the night sky.


Shamanic ceremony, The moondance


The advancement of spirituality through ceremony has been part of the expression of the human soul for thousands of years. The School honours this tradition and seeks to facilitate ceremonies where participants can have their own direct experience of the Divine. Each ceremony is a unique co-creation which brings together a group of people with a common purpose. The School offers sweatlodge ceremonies, firewalks, medicine walk ceremonies, community ceremonies such as the full moon and dark moon ceremonies, ceremonies to work with the energy at specific times of the year, for example the equinox and solstice ceremonies. There are also ceremonies offered by the Priestess of the Moon tradition to individuals such as the marriage with the higher self, the naming of a child, the sacred sounds of the soul, funerals and death rites.

Therapies – The teachers of The School see clients on an individual basis. They are experienced in a number of therapies including: ISIS Healing, Therapeutic Counselling, Shamanic Healing, Past Life work, Soul Retrieval, Extraction and De-possession, Ancestral Healing, Clinical Supervision, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Stress Management, Life Coaching, SEKHEM and SourceSTAR-SEKHEM.