In 2012, the Teachers of The School received a vision from ISIS and the Beings of Light. The vision showed a community of heartfelt people coming together and practising spiritual teachings to support their awakening from the veil of the conditioning, and co-create a new reality for the Earth. 


The vision sparked our dream to create a sacred place, 

a Temple of Light, in the material plane, where Divine energies are anchored into the earth; a place dedicated to the highest good of All Beings. We envisage a sacred place perhaps in a rural area, where people can come and connect with nature, and there is land for ceremonies, such as sweat lodges and vision quests. A place where we can bring the ancient Teachings of Light into the world, relevant for humanity now. 


It is our intention that this place will continue to support the awakening process on Earth even when our own generation 

has passed. 

This is the dream we are holding. If you feel moved to support this dream, you can donate through a paypal account using the email address info@isis-school.com or through a bank transfer, emailing The School for the bank details at info@isis-school.com 


For every donation we receive, small or large, we are immensely grateful and offer blessing prayers on your behalf. 


Donations to Support the Vision of The ISIS School