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Connecting to the Unified Field of Light

Shamanic journey working with the inner light

Channelling beings of Light

Meditation: Releasing attachments and addictions

The ancient Greek Mysteries of Hieros Gamos

Shamanic Journey into the ancient Greek mysteries -
The Kavirian mysteries

Connecting with the Unified Field of Light

All our spiritual practices of past, present and future contribute to the unified field of light around the Earth. This is a meditation to connect with the light of the field, for yourself and all living beings on Mother Earth.

A transcript of the meditation is available in our May 2018 Newsletter.

This is a shamanic journey, facilitated by  Fotoula Adrimi. You will visit the cave of inner knowing to balance your chakras, connect with the sky and Earth through the breath and develop a deeper connection with yourself.

Fotoula Adrimi channels beings of Light and Star Beings from the Sirius Star. She talks about the high vibrational energies that are available to all beings on Earth right now, to aid the next stage of the Earth's evolution and our leap to higher consciousness. The Light Activations page offers additional insights and channellings.

Fotoula Adrimi takes you into a journey/visualisation 

of discovery of the inner self. Through colour and 

sound healing vibrations, she encourages you to 

let go of attachments and addictions that energetically keep you stuck.

This is a talk by Fotoula Adrimi on ancient Greek spirituality. The talk took place on 19 October 2017, organised by the West Of Scotland Dowsers in Glasgow.

Fotoula explains the three stages of the Kavirian Mysteries: Purification, Initiation and Communion with the Divine. 

She analyses the concept of Hieros Gamos and takes us into a shamanic journey based on the mysteries, to experience the union with our eternal spirit.

Fotoula Adrimi leads us into a journey of Initiation in the ancient Greek Mysteries of Hieros Gamos, sacred marriage. 

This journey was recorded live on the 20th of September 2017. It has been taken out of the above movie, so that people who are only interested in the journey, rather than the historical background of the mysteries, can focus on the drum and their own process.