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Shamanic Journey: Merge with your ancestral shamanic guide and power animal

Talk on Shamanism and journeying 
Dundee Theosophical Society Jun 2020

Purification of energies from the collective, 

thought forms and imprints

Forgiveness, Creation and Destruction

  Shamanic Ceremony: The light of the Sun 

and the dark of the Moon

The Light Codes of Power: Manifesting our Primordial Nature in the Physical Reality

Re-aligning with our personal power

Connecting to the Unified Field of Light

Teachings on Meditation

Shamanic journey working with the inner light

Teachings on unconditional love

Channelling beings of Light

Meditation: Releasing attachments and addictions

The ancient Greek Mysteries of Hieros Gamos

Shamanic Journey into the ancient Greek mysteries -
The Kavirian mysteries

In this shamanic ceremony, you merge with your shamanic ancestral helping spirit and then your power animal for the purpose of shamanic healing. 

 Fotoula Adrimi guides you through the creation of sacred space, invocation to the helping spirits and finally a deep merging with these spiritual energies of the light through the drum. 

The video includes a channelling from one of the shamanic ancestors, a grandmother who talks about shamanism in ancient times and offers support to the spiritual and shamanic practitioners of today. 

Introductory talk by Fotoula Adrimi on shamanism and power animal retrieval, including: 
- creating sacred space through connecting with the different categories of our helping spirits 
- connecting with the spirits of the land and guardians of the Earth where we live 
- journeying into alternative realities and vibrational planes 
- shamanic death, dismemberment and re-memberment 
- power animals 
 And finally she leads us into a journey in the upper world where we first go through a process of purification and release to create space for a power (animal) retrieval.

Spiritual purification of thought forms and imprints. We live in a third dimensional reality that is gradually changing into higher states, yet sometimes the world's energy, conditioning and programming can affect us and our way of thinking. How do we find and stay in our centre and Divine connection during times of chaos and collective fear? How do we stay in our power of mindful action instead of the collective fearful reaction? How do we energetically work to remove the spiritual imprints of thought forms, viruses and intrusions from the collective? 

In this visualisation, Fotoula Adrimi guides you into an ancient stone circle where the energies of the Earth and Sky meet. In this sacred place, your practice becomes a circle, working with the light of forgiveness, the light of creation, the light of destruction and the light of forgiveness again. The etheric energies of light flow into your body, reminding you that you are forgiveness, creation and destruction. They also flow from the stone circle into all the places of power around the Earth through the network of lay lines and the web of life.

Fotoula Adrimi, shamanic practitioner and teacher, facilitates a ceremony that brings you into alignment with Earth and Sky. 

She talks about the light times of the sun and the dark times of the moon and how we can access these energies. 

This ceremony can be done any time, but also at the equinox when high vibrational energies flow to our planet. The aim of the ceremony is to manifest the spiritual gifts, we all carry, into the physical Earth reality.

In this meditation our connection to our higher self provides the key to access the Light Codes of Power. Fotoula is channelling information and light from her helping spirit, the ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis who talks about the Light Codes of Power, sacred geometry, sacred sites and the high vibrational energies of the Living Light. 

The recording includes a visualisation/meditation that helps us access and download the Light Codes that shape our physical reality. 

This is a guided ceremony from Fotoula's book, The Golden Book of Wisdom: ancient spirituality and shamanism for modern times. 

Fotoula shares a ceremony to help us develop a healthy relationship with our power, release any energies we carry that belong to others and connect with our own light.

Connecting with the Unified Field of Light

All our spiritual practices of past, present and future contribute to the unified field of light around the Earth. This is a meditation to connect with the light of the field, for yourself and all living beings on Mother Earth.

A transcript of the meditation is available in our May 2018 Newsletter.

Fi Sutherland, spiritual teacher and daily meditator of 23 years, talks about the practice of inner silence and the unveiling of the enlightened state. Both the conditioned mind and the enlightened mind lie within the heart centre. It is inside the heart that the masks of the conditioned world drop. 

Fi encourages us to meditate with gentleness, pacifying the conditioning and disengaging from the mind's stories so that we build inner connection and trust. Meditation opens the door to experience the beauty of the Divine within us.

This is a shamanic journey, facilitated by  Fotoula Adrimi. You will visit the cave of inner knowing to balance your chakras, connect with the sky and Earth through the breath and develop a deeper connection with yourself.

Fi Sutherland, spiritual teacher, talks about unconditional love as the essence of our spirit. She makes the distinction between human love, linked to emotions and the outside world, and unconditional love as the expression of our inner spirit. 

This is a love beyond the mind and earthly expectations of being met. This is the love of pure spirit that accepts us no matter who we are and what we have done. 

Unconditional love is found in the union with the Divine Heart within.

Fotoula Adrimi channels beings of Light and Star Beings from the Sirius Star. She talks about the high vibrational energies that are available to all beings on Earth right now, to aid the next stage of the Earth's evolution and our leap to higher consciousness. The Light Activations page offers additional insights and channellings.

Fotoula Adrimi takes you into a journey/visualisation 

of discovery of the inner self. Through colour and 

sound healing vibrations, she encourages you to 

let go of attachments and addictions that energetically keep you stuck.

This is a talk by Fotoula Adrimi on ancient Greek spirituality. The talk took place on 19 October 2017, organised by the West Of Scotland Dowsers in Glasgow.

Fotoula explains the three stages of the Kavirian Mysteries: Purification, Initiation and Communion with the Divine. 

She analyses the concept of Hieros Gamos and takes us into a shamanic journey based on the mysteries, to experience the union with our eternal spirit.

Fotoula Adrimi leads us into a journey of Initiation in the ancient Greek Mysteries of Hieros Gamos, sacred marriage. 

This journey was recorded live on the 20th of September 2017. It has been taken out of the above movie, so that people who are only interested in the journey, rather than the historical background of the mysteries, can focus on the drum and their own process.