The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Working therapeutically with Fotoula

Fotoula has been involved in therapeutic healing, shamanic and energy work since 2006. She has supported hundreds of clients in their healing process and their personal and spiritual development.

In her experience some people are looking for a single therapeutic session, while others who are engaging in a personal healing journey, facing difficult challenges, or wish to expand their spiritual understanding can benefit from a medium or long term approach. Consequently, Fotoula offers both single sessions as well as a group of sessions at a discounted rate (pre-paid and non refundable should you withdraw from treatment).

Energy healing therapies such as Reiki, ISIS Healing, SourceSTAR (Sekhem). You will be lying dressed on a massage table and Fotoula will be channelling the energy in specific areas of your body. Sometimes issues from this or other lives may come up to be reconciled and cleared. In such a case, Fotoula will then take you into a body experiential healing, looking at what you carry within you. Other times, the energy will do its work without any contribution from you. Every session is unique and tailored to your needs.

Session duration: 1.15 hours. Cost: £65. Group of sessions: 5 sessions for £300.

Talk therapy, spiritual coaching, life coaching, clinical hypnotherapy: You may wish to discuss certain areas of your life where you feel you are out of balance and find your own unique ways of moving forward to a harmonious life experience. Fotoula will help you find a bigger perspective and discover your own solutions for where you are in your life. She will also offer guidance and exercises to sustain your focus outwith the sessions. 

Session duration: 1.15 hours. Cost: £65. Group of sessions: 5 sessions for £300, 10 sessions for £550.

Fotoula's passion and love for therapy work is expressed through her shamanic healing sessions. Shamanic healing: Fotoula is a shamanic teacher with an open heart, integrity and experience. She always works with her helping spirits for the highest good of humanity. Fotoula offers shamanic sessions which may include the following: power retrieval, soul retrieval, extraction, healing with spiritual light and the elements and sometimes de-possession, past life soul retrieval, release of foreign soul essence and healing of the ancestral line depending on the client's needs are and what arises in the session. 

She can also perform shamanic ceremonies, including the whole day Tibetan Bön Buddhism Therapy – Lud-Dzong healing (price on application), house and land clearings of negative energies

Session duration: 1.30-2hours. Cost: £95. Group of sessions: 5 sessions for £450, 10 sessions for £850.

Clinical supervision is offered to practising healers and shamanic practitioners. It is recommended that practitioners have supervision every 1.5 months/2 months for the best results.

Session duration: 1.30 hours. Cost: £70. Group of sessions: 5 sessions for £325, 10 sessions for £600.

Past life regression therapy: Fotoula was trained in past life regression as part of the Clinical Hypnosis post graduate course she undertook at the University of West London. She also works with past life regression shamanically. 

Session duration: 1.30 hours. Cost: £95.

Death and Dying work: Fotoula can work with terminally ill patients to prepare them for their transition to spirit. She can also perform a death healing following a person's passing to ensure that all of the person's essence, including all their etheric bodies, have moved to the spirit realm (unless the deceased does not wish this, as they have free will).

Celebrant work: Fotoula is a teacher and holder of the priestess of the moon lineage, and performs shamanic and spiritual ceremonies, tailored to your needs and wishes, to celebrate major events in life, including: blessings of the arrival of a baby and name-giving, shamanic weddings and hand-fasting, marriage to our own higher spirit for realisation and empowerment of life purpose, shamanic funerals.