The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

The ISIS School Therapeutic Sessions

The teachers of the ISIS School offer a range of therapeutic interventions 

for people seeking complementary healing. The teachers are experienced practitioners, committed to their own healing and personal development. They work from the heart and for the highest good of their clients.

The School’s therapeutic philosophy

The School draws teachings from a number of spiritual disciplines, which are  All of these teachings are of value. In therapeutic sessions, the teachers of the School can bring together methods from different disciplines depending on what the person needs.

In order to receive the most benefit from a session, preparation and integration are important. This allows the person to actively engage in their own healing process. 

The therapeutic interventions practiced in the School are listed below:

ISIS Healing  This is a very powerful, yet gentle, system of holistic healing. It addresses all aspects of the individual; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Shamanic Healing Practices – The School offers a range of shamanic healing practices : Power Retrieval of Life Force, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Soul Retrieval, Release of foreign soul essence, Shamanic Extraction, Healing the Ancestral Line and Shamanic De-possession.

Therapeutic Counselling – A professional counsellor can provide a safe and objective space to help people understand and release their mental and emotional burdens and feel happier in their lives.

Past Life Regression Therapy – Sometimes, issues we face in this life originate in a past life. Through regression, we can bring understanding to current behavioural patterns and decide to take a different approach. We can release past trauma and heal our soul. 

Ancestral Healing – This therapy helps clear ancestral karma and patterns that we have inherited and are manifesting in our life, limiting our potential and creating imbalance and dis-ease. This healing can clear curses that have been carried through generations and also help ancestors who are stuck, to pass into the spiritual realms.

Clinical Hypnotherapy – Hypnotherapy strengthens the body-mind connection, by bringing into conscious awareness the thought processes, beliefs and habits that lie in the unconscious mind, helping you to make different choices in your everyday life. It can also help psychosomatic conditions as well as psychological issues such as phobias and anxieties. 

Life Coaching – Whether at a professional or personal level, life coaching is a creative and supportive process that can help you make positive changes in your life, maximise your potential and achieve your goals.

Stress Management – Stress arises when we are in situations where we feel insecure, fearful, anxious, out of control and not able to cope. Prolonged stress can affect the general health of the body and mind and even cause panic attacks and phobias. In these sessions, we teach the mind and body a different approach. Rather than concentrating on the immediate problem, we focus on a bigger perspective; rather than becoming fearful and tense, we teach our body to relax and stay calm.

Clinical Supervision – Supervision provides a valuable resource for counsellors, therapists, hypnotherapists and 

life coaches to discuss their client work and their on-going personal development process. In some disciplines supervision is a requirement, and forms part of continuous professional development.

Energy Healing Therapies – The School offers sessions in Reiki and SourceSTAR – SEKHEM.

Tibetan Bön Buddhism Therapy – Lud-Dzong healing This a full day ceremony for dispelling negative forces and harmonising both physical and emotional health. The ceremony can be performed for both the living and those who have passed. 

Death Transition Healing – The School can help people and families during the process of death.