The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

One-Day Therapeutic Shaking Release Workshop

9.30am-6.30pm, Thursday, 23rd January 2020

Introductory Training in Therapeutic Shaking – for physical, mental and spiritual health

Our biology carries within it a self-regulatory mechanism that when accessed gives us the ability to self-heal. This is a natural ‘healing tremble’ that is genetically engineered within us. When we experience trauma or a high level of tension or stress, the body can release the tension through spontaneous muscle tremors and involuntary relaxation movements. This is the body’s way of returning us to a state of balance. However, in most of us this organic healing process has been impeded by our conditioned ways of thinking and behaving. As a result we have forgotten how to safely and easily release tension. 

Relax – Balance – Renew

This workshop is an opportunity to learn how to relax, rebalance and renew our energy systems. During the day Claudia will guide people in simple exercises that allow us to meet ourselves, our body and our feelings in a healthy and safe way. This will help us learn to release anything that is stopping us from experiencing ourselves and the world at a deeper level. 

The Workshop Format:

  • Welcome circle
  • Theory: what is stress, trauma, burnout, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system; 
  • Learn about the physical exercises that make it easier for us to reawaken the self-regulatory mechanism of shaking 
  • Therapeutic shaking in practice
  • Therapeutic shaking in practice 
  • Questions and answers, exchange of experience
  • Final meditation 

After this intensive introduction, everyone will have the tools to work with the practice at home.

Workshop: One Day Introductory Training in 

                    Therapeutic Shaking Release

Time:   9.30am-6.30pm, Thurs 23 January 2020

Cost:   £95.00. Deposit: £45.00 

To book please email Fotoula Adrimi at [email protected]

Venue: Library, Glasgow Theosophical Society, 

            17 Queen’s Crescent, Glasgow

Note:    please wear comfortable, warm, loose clothing.

             Please bring your own lunch. Teas and coffee

             are provided.

Claudia Wolff, facilitator, from Germany

Shamanic Teacher and Practitioner, Psychotherapist (psychoanalysis and Gestalt), NLP practitioner, Trauma Therapist Practitioner, Family Constellation Practitioner, Sweat Lodge Pourer, Shiatsu Teacher and Practitioner 

As a teenager Claudia had access to other worlds, other spiritual realms, and with the help of various teachers and spiritual masters over the years Claudia developed her gifts and learned to walk the path of the heart. Claudia has been working in the area of personal and spiritual development and healing for over 30 years and has helped many people both in groups and individually to regain their personal power and strength. Claudia is a person who walks her talk, working from her heart with sincerity and humility. She is also a powerful woman who brings a wealth of personal experience and insight to her healing sessions.  

Claudia’s teachers – Mother Meera, Twisted Hairs, Ratu Bagu, Samarpan, Isac Andre Uebele. Claudia worked extensively with Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota chief and medicine man, and is also grateful to Waltraud Ferrarie (Druidic path) and Yogi Vijay (Yoga, Shiatsu and spirituality) for their support in her personal and professional life. 

Claudia says her best teachers are her five children and one grandson. They give her the greatest and most beautiful of challenges to realise love, humility, dedication and knowledge and bring that into her everyday live.