The ISIS School of Holistic Health, UK

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

Awakening into the stillness of the light of the world

The Spiritual Path of ISET – First Gate

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the ancient lineage of the Light 

of ISET and receive practices and teachings that will empower your spiritual 

and personal development. The Light of ISET, through eons of time, has been 

a spiritual path to Awakening and Ascension. Through The ISIS School you will deepen your connection to self and to the mystery that unites us all, and from which we are birthed.

The ISET Path enables us to walk through Seven Gates of Awareness into the Divine Self. The First Gate of Awareness is an initiation into the Spiritual Path of ISET and the Healing Path of ISET, and each part is taught over two workshops.

In Part 1 and 2 of the Spiritual Path of ISET, we open the First Gate, allowing 

you to become a channel for this high vibrational energy and access wisdom teachings, power symbols and energy codes for personal growth and healing.

The Spiritual Path of ISET is the path of the Enlightened Warrior. ISET is a Being of Light, enabling us to see that within us we carry the Light of Creation. Through the ISET work we are born out of the chaos of the conditioned mind. The high vibrational energy practices, that create balance, purpose and focus, help us to clear our body and mind, and remember our true nature. The spiritual warrior is fighting the war within, piercing through the clouds of the conditioning, to claim a state of inner balance. 

Through spiritual practice, we increase our awareness about who we are and our life purpose. We discover that our core essence is unconditional love and light, which has become obscured through social conditioning.

We work with meditations, chants and spiritual practices aiming to experience inner silence and expanded states of consciousness. Our conditioned ways of thinking, our everyday behaviors and life circumstances will show us where in our body we create heaviness that drains our energy. We become empowered through ancient ceremonies, power words – ISET mantras – and spiritual practices linked to those. 

The Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1 is taught in a 3-day workshop, and Part 2 in a two-day workshop. 

See below for the 2018 course dates:

Course: The Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1

Dates:    27-29 July 2018, 10:00-17:00

Cost:      £285, repeaters £140. Dep 50%.

Venue:   Glasgow

Course: The Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 2

Dates:   11-12; Aug 2018, 10:00-17:00

Cost:     £190, repeaters £95. Dep 50%.

Venue:  Glasgow

For more information or to make a booking, please contact The ISIS School at

Temple of ISET, Philae, Egypt.