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The Shamanic Path
In me I find two worlds – one of Earth, one of Spirit

Shamanism is an experiential path. There is no dogma and no rules, however, it is advisable not to hurt yourself 

or another being. Shamans recognise that the highest power is love, therefore, any shamanic work is much more powerful when undertaken from the heart. The heart connection infuses their whole life. Shamanism is not just another practice, it is a way of life. In order to live shamanism, one must be present, focused and aware, in both 

the physical world and any parallel realities.

When shamans work from the heart, they align with spirits who also work from the heart and for the Highest Good. But, if they are not clear about their intentions, the danger is that they will align with spirits who are also not clear – like attracts like.

Shamanism is not a path to prove how much you can do. It is a path of service and self-discovery. To truly serve, 

one has to discover all that one is – darkness and light. Traditionally shamans undergo initiations to face their own darkness – their own pain, fears and doubts – and transform them. In the western world, life itself becomes the initiator for the shamanic practitioner.

Shamanism is a path of freedom. It is about what you perceive and what the spirits show you. Each time you journey it could be something new and unexpected, then you are broadening the horizons of your mind.

To read more about shamanism and how shamans perceive dis-ease, refer to the following article 

The Journey of the Shaman

If you are drawn to this path and you wish to train as a Shamanic Practitioner, the School runs an in-depth Shamanic Practitioner's Course, based on Classic Shamanism. 

Fotoula Adrimi speaking about the Shamanic Path

The School of Shamanism 

Courses and Circle

Beginners – all levels:

The Path of the Eagle: The Journey of the Shaman and Retrieval of Personal Power


Shamanic Practitioner Training

Shamanic Circle (all levels):

The Way of the Drum Shamanic Circle

Shamanic Retreat – all levels:

The Four Shields – Walking the Medicine Wheel

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Shamanic Gathering