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The Rays of Divine Consciousness Retreat 

Future Dates TBC

Ancient Architecture

The Rays of Divine Consciousness is a profound spiritual practice. During the retreat, participants will receive the activation of their 12-stranded spiritual DNA, our ultimate potential. 


This initiation/re-alignment process,  is enabled by the “opening of the crown” attunement. The initiation takes place in an ancient sacred site. 


The Rays are re-balancing our spiritual 12-stranded DNA and in the retreat we will explore the origins of our DNA and its spiritual nature.

Through ceremony and chanting we will look at karmic lessons from this and other lifetimes, to purify and release the karma to the degree we are able. We will go into nature to seek answers, and look at our relationships and family patterns. We will work to transform ourselves through love and unconditional forgiveness.


This retreat is a wonderful stepping stone on the spiritual journey. It is for people who wish to receive the Rays attunement and begin working with these high vibrational meditation practices and the spiritual 12-stranded DNA. 

The retreat is also an opportunity for those already practising the Rays, to receive the next level of attunement and 

go deeper into this practice. 


The retreat takes place near the stone circles in Kilmartin, Scotland. This is an ancient power point, chosen by the ancestors, a place of high vibration where portals of light come together and where some of the ceremonies will be facilitated.

Karma Purification

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