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The soul's purpose is to awaken

The Path of the Eagle:

The Journey of the Shaman and Retrieval of Personal Power – 13-14 July 2019

Shamanism is one of the most ancient spiritual and healing practices, forming a common heritage amongst many cultures. Indigenous people talk about the different worlds, or parallel universes, below and above our own physical reality. 

They journey, voyage or fly into these worlds, in order to access information from spiritual beings of light, and bring healing and guidance back into their world.

In this workshop you will learn the art of shamanic journeying and how shamans access different etheric planes for healing, energy work and divination. You will explore how shamans around the globe view dis-ease and how they relate it to 

loss of soul essence and power.

Retrieval of Power

In our modern world, it is common for people to lose their power. We give our power to our work, partner, family or other people and situations. In this workshop you will learn how to retrieve your power, and how to help others find their power. When we take our power back, we are enriched with lifeforce, which is abundant in the universe. Consequently, we live life more fully, supported by our own inner resources, rather than relying externally on others. 

In this way we value ourselves more. We learn to honour who we are and not give our power away or force our will 

on others.

At the same time, we learn to retrieve power for clients so that they too can live life in a more self-empowered way. 

This is an incredible gift that we can offer people. Our world is engaged in a huge external power game, where people and organisations can manipulate each other. By educating ourselves and others about the true nature of power, there is more potential for us to form healthier relationships.

In this workshop you will learn how to safely engage in shamanic practice. You will be shown how to build shamanic altar, call in the universal powers and helping spirits and create psychic protection for your work and your life. This is an in-depth introduction to shamanism and shamanic practice. It is an important course for anybody wishing to explore shamanic healing. It is both for beginners and for any practitioner wishing to enrich their shamanic, healing or spiritual practice.

Course: The Journey of the Shaman and Retrieval of Personal Power 

Dates: 13-14 July 2019

Cost : £185 per person, deposit 50%, repeaters £95

Bookings and information: Email Fotoula Adrimi, [email protected]

Venue: The Theosophical Society, 17 Queen's Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL

The course is taught by Fotoula Adrimi, an experienced Shamanic teacher.  For more information or to make a booking, please contact the ISIS School at [email protected]

To learn more about shamanic power retrieval click on this link: Shamanic Heling Practices and read the article 

"The Journey of the Shaman"  – Signs Magazine January 2013 edition, by Fotoula Adrimi

Suggested Reading: 

Fotoula Adrimi (2018) The Golden Book of Wisdom: ancient spirituality and shamanism for modern times. 

(Chapter 1: Reclaiming Personal Power)

Sandra Ingerman (2008) Shamanic Journeying – A beginner’s guide, Sounds True