The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

The Holy Spirit – The Essence of God

Holy Spirit,
giving life to all life,
moving all creatures,
root of all things,
washing them clean,
wiping out their mistakes,
healing their wounds,
you are our true life,
luminous, wonderful,
awakening the heart
from its ancient sleep 

                                                       by Hildegaard von Bingen            

The Holy Spirit is the Essence of God. 

The Essence of God is power, love and light.

The Holy Spirit is born from the expansive, unconditional love of ISIS, the Divine Mother of all beings. ISIS shares her child, the Holy Spirit, with all creation. Many light years ago, through the Grace of ISIS, when physical life was created on Earth, Beings of Light, who call themselves the Keepers of the Holy Spirit, brought the Holy Spirit to this planet to create a link to the Essence of God. It is through the union with the Holy Spirit that human beings can move from a state of separation, to a state of harmony.

The Keepers of the Holy Spirit do not belong to any spiritual tradition. They have said that this is only a human predicament and emphasise that the Holy Spirit is beyond religion.

In 2013, during an ISIS retreat in Iona, the Holy Spirit entered the hearts of the Teachers of The ISIS School, unexpectedly, following a meditation in a sacred place. Spirit beings who appeared dressed as monks, identified themselves as the “Doves”, the carriers of the Holy Spirit, and chanted a beautiful song in ancient Greek. Since then, the Teachers of The School have been visited regularly by the Doves and asked to chant their song, which brings the Holy Spirit energy into the world. Apart from the Teachers of the School, other ISIS practitioners have been invited by the Doves to be the conduit of the Holy Spirit, and were given the sacred chants that invoke its energy.

By singing the chants of the Holy Spirit, a healing takes place through the Essence of God shining into everything. 

As everything is the Essence of God, when the chants are sung it effects all matter, reminding the soul of its origin, 

as a Being of Light in the heart of the Creator.

The Holy Spirit in ancient times

The Keepers of the Holy Spirit brought it to the Earth anchoring it at specific places, identified for their high vibrational energies. These places are portals to higher dimensions of God’s consciousness. In doing so, the Keepers created 

a way for people to re-enter their original state of consciousness, the state of unconditional love.

The energy of the Holy Spirit was invoked by specific chants and it was sung in Lemuria and Atlantis. After the fall of the Atlantean world, the chant was taken to Ancient Egypt and safe-guarded in the temples by high initiates.

Joseph of Arimathea The Holy Spirit in recent times

The Keepers of the Holy Spirit have said that Joseph of Arimathea, was one of the conduits of the Holy Spirit. 

He created an order of mystics in Britain, which he called the Doves, the carriers of the Holy Spirit.

Many of the Doves who were trained, according to the way he founded, mainly through seclusion and hermitages, have now incarnated into these times. According to the Keepers, they may feel a calling to once again become the conduit of the Holy Spirit.

Seeking the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a force, the Essence of the Divine, that has the potential to flow through all human beings, 

creating a sense of oneness with All.

The Keepers have said that many people look for the Holy Spirit, even though they do not know this is what they seek. The paradox is that when seeking the Holy Spirit, one cannot find it. The Holy Spirit comes uninvited. It cannot be called. The Holy Spirit arrives on its own will to open the hearts of men and women.

The Keepers advise people, if they seek the Holy Spirit, to do so with humility, with love and without the fire of desire. Desire of the Holy Spirit will stop one from experiencing the Holy Spirit.

Only through the light of pure, unconditional love, without expectation, can one hope to ever come across the 

Holy Spirit. It will come when least expected. So, if you seek the Holy Spirit, surrender to divine love. Let go of 

your expectations and open your heart. Then, let the Holy Spirit find you at the perfect time. This is the way of the 

Holy Spirit.

Fotoula Adrimi and Fi Sutherland conduits of the Holy Spirit

With the guidance of the Keepers of the Holy Spirit, Fotoula and Fi have been working in sacred sites to raise the vibration of the Earth, and in ceremonies to awaken peoples’ consciousness. They have been given three chants in ancient Greek by the Doves and the original chant in light language by ISIS.

Given the current situation on the planet and peoples’ state of mind, the Keepers asked Fotoula and Fi, to create this page to increase people’s awareness of the Holy Spirit. There is a need, they say, as people are awakening, for them to rediscover their link with the Holy Spirit.

The Keepers have asked Fotoula to provide the space, help the people open their heart through personal work, and take them to sacred places relevant to the Holy Spirit, in case the Holy Spirit invites them to be a Dove. Then, the Keepers may ask Fotoula to give them the chants.

However, there are no guarantees that this connection will happen. It’s a gift that can only be given by the Holy Spirit. It is not something Fotoula or anyone can teach or learn by design. When a person's heart is open enough to become the sacred Dove, the conduit, the Light, the Holy Spirit may come to her/him.

There may be seekers of many years who eventually will experience the Holy Spirit when they least expect it. There may be seekers who don’t know that they are seekers who have the good fortune to be touched by the Holy Spirit. Many are those who know the Holy Spirit, when they open their heart to unconditional love and let the ego-mind subside. This is one way, but even so, there is no guarantee that this way will lead someone to the Holy Spirit.

It is recommended, by the Keepers, that to prepare for this connection with the Holy Spirit, people work with pure and high vibrational light, such as the Spiritual Path of ISIS and the Rays of Divine Consciousness, and engage in personal work to polish the diamond within.

The Doves

According to the Keepers, the people who have already been given these chants, should chant them regularly so that the Essence of the Holy Spirit enhances their lives, as well as the land and all beings.

When you sing the chants, time stops. The blessing of the Creator flows to the land, the heart is moved and another pillar of Light comes onto the Earth. The Tree of Life blossoms. The essence of the One Being is re-united with the soul in the body. The eye of the soul opens. This is only a fraction of what happens. Everything is blessed.