The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

The Healing Path of ISET

We spead our wings of light to fill the world with love

"Who are you," say the spirits to me. I am the Spirit with my mouth equipped."

(Extract from the Book of Coming Forth by Day, the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, 

referring to the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony – see below)

The Healing Path of ISET

course dates 2021 / 2022

Course: The Healing Path, Part 2

Dates:    28-30 May 2021

Cost:      £285.00. Deposit: £140.00

Course: The Healing Path, Part 1

Dates:    12-13 Feb 2022

Cost:      £190.00. Deposit: £95.00

Course: The Healing Path, Part 2

Dates:    28-30 May 2021

Cost:      £285.00. Deposit: £140.00

Venue: Glasgow, Scotland, UK

For more information or to make a booking, please contact The ISIS School at [email protected]

In these courses participants will deepen their connection to their Divine Self, as we continue on the path of the Mystery School of Ascension that ISET teaches and guides. The Healing Path combines the esoteric teachings with the therapeutic potential of the energy. It is divided into two parts that fuel our personal and spiritual development.

The Healing Path, Part 1 (2 days)

The Healing Path, Part 1 begins with the ceremony of the Opening of the Mouth for the Living, which brings more of our BA, our higher spirit, into the body, to join with the KA, the incarnated soul. In ancient times this ceremony took place in the Great Pyramid, and Fotoula has been fortunate to facilitate the ceremony there twice. In 2012, due to the increase in the Earth's vibrational field, ISET enabled Fotoula to hold the ceremony distantly, building an etheric link with the Great Pyramid, known in ancient texts as MNER, the place of Ascension. 

Following the Opening of the Mouth ceremony participants will: work with the first etheric body, the KA, also called the double, dream or astral body, to become more aware of its nature, and be given a practice to balance and attune their chakras, through light language. The healing part of the course will focus on learning distant healing through multi dimensional portals. 

The Healing Path, Part 2  (3 days)

In The Healing Path, Part 2 participants receive teachings that will enable them to work deeper with their BA, their higher limitless spirit. 

We will practice the healing arts in a group setting and learn how the ancient Egyptian civilisation, and its predecessors of Atlantis and Lemuria, viewed healing as a journey of personal growth and soul development. Participants will familiarise themselves with the different methods used, crystals, sound, healing mantras and light energy to help people/animals/places and situations come into a state of inner balance, homeostasis.

At the same time participants will be able to continue their own healing journey and self development by connecting to the higher chakras, 8-14, and the seven etheric bodies and the lower chakras below their feet. 

The course is certified and participants can gain a qualification in spiritual healing, following completion of casework, which will allow you to work in a professional capacity with the public.