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The soul's purpose is to awaken

The Way of the Ancient Ones

The Teachings of the Ancient Ones in Kilmartin Glen, Scotland – working in the ancient sites of 
stone circles, standing stones and cup and ring stones, built by the ancestors over 5,000 years ago

We immerse ourselves in the high vibrations of this sacred land, opening up to receive the energy codes and gifts from these ancient sites and further develop our spiritual abilities. The retreat nurtures our awareness of our inner voice and intuition through communication with our helping spirits.

An ancient advanced race created Dunadd, the stone circles such as Templewood and shaped the landscape of Kilmartin Glen, where several lay lines meet. This race lived in harmony with nature, Mother Earth and the Star Beings and honoured the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

This course is open to everyone, men and women. The retreat aims to bring into balance the two primal forces of the feminine and masculine within ourselves, regardless of our gender in this incarnation.

This is an opportunity to connect with the high vibrational energies that are coming through the Earth’s stone circles 

at this time.

This retreat is a stand-alone transformational workshop for those who wish to: create deep change within themselves; find the joy and balance within; unleash their inner talents and potential. It is also a prerequisite for the Priestess/Priest of the Moon two-year ceremonial training due to start in 2016.

During the course you will:

  • Access sacred knowledge and the mystical ways;

  • Receive initiation, attunement and empowerment to high vibrational energies coming to us through the heart of the      
   Creator; the One Being, in the inner sanctum of the Dunadd Hill Temple;

  • Enhance your spiritual connection through ceremony within Stone Circles;

  • Be given teachings on how to work with sacred sites, the power lines that link the planet;

  • Connect to the Guardian of the Land, Bridget and other representations of the Divine Mother;

  • Have an opportunity to take part in a mystical firewalk;

  •  Walk on the path of self-awareness and spiritual development through inner transformation   
   (This is an on-going soul journey and not an outcome of the retreat).

Costs and dates to be confirmed.