The ISIS School of Holistic Health, UK

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

Awakening into the stillness of the light of the world

The Seven Gates of Awareness

The Path of ISIS, (ISET in Ancient Egypt), consists of two programmes of study: the Seven Gates of Awareness and 

the OSIRIS Ascension Teachings. Both are part of an ancient lineage of spiritual growth, from the 5,000 year old Pyramid 

Texts in Egypt, to the civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis. 

In our times, the wisdom and the energy that comes with 

these teachings continues to initiate deep healing and inner transformation, through practices aiming to help us achieve expanded states of consciousness. 

The Seven Gates of Awareness programme works with chants, meditations, ceremonies and healing practices in which a specific vibrational energy is channeled through the practitioner's body. This is gifted to us to create harmony, balance and natural wellbeing. The system is founded on the principle of unconditional love for both ourselves and the whole of creation. 

It is a very powerful energy that takes us beyond the ego to our higher Divine self.


The programme includes seven levels, from Practitioner to Master Teacher. Each level works with a different Gate of Awareness. Practiced on a regular basis, these spiritual teachings provide a strong inner foundation for growth and evolution at soul level, as well as supporting our interaction 

with everyday life. 


The First Gate

The First Gate of Awareness comprises of four stages. It is an initiation into the Spiritual Path of ISET and the 

Healing Path of ISET, and each Path is taught over two workshops. 

In the Spiritual Path of ISET, we open the First Gate, allowing you to become a channel for this high vibrational energy and access wisdom teachings, power symbols and energy codes for personal growth and self healing. The first workshop enables an alignment with the higher self, the central sun of creation and the moon energies, opening the heart centre. After practising these teachings, you may wish to attend the second workshop, which is focused on the purification of energy imprints, past life karma, and further teachings about Creation and Divine Love. The second workshop ends with an initiation through the tree of life and wisdom, connecting to the ancient temple of Iunu, or Heliopolis.

In the Healing Path of ISET, participants learn to work with this high vibrational energy in a therapeutic context. The course is certified and it is possible to gain a qualification following completion of casework. This will allow you to work in a professional capacity with the public. The first workshop focuses on the teachings of the embodiment of the higher self, through what the Ancient Egyptians called the BA. You will also learn to align, centre and clear your aura, work with your crown and clear thought-forms, entities and programming from the emotional body as well as practice distant healing. The second workshop focuses on working with clients. You will learn the healing art of ISET, how to clear long standing spiritual blocks and embody the Divine Light that you are. 

These workshops of the First Gate are taught in the following sequence:

The Spiritual Path of ISET – Part 1, and after practicing the teachings, 

The Spiritual Path of ISET – Part 2

The Healing Path of ISET – Part 1

The Healing Path of ISET – Part 2

As each workshop builds on the energy and teachings of the previous ones, they need to be taken in this specific sequence. So even if you are only interested in one of them (for example working with clients as a practitioner as per the Healing Path of ISET – Part 2), you need to have completed the previous ones, in order to attend. You will also need to practice these teachings in between workshops.

For those Initiates of ISIS who have completed the old level 1 and are practising, it is highly recommended to repeat the Spiritual Path of ISET – Parts 1 and 2. For the Initiates who have not practiced the teachings, they have to repeat all four parts of the First Gate, to familiarise themselves with these codes of wisdom and the new teachings. Reduced fees are offered to initiates who repeat these courses. 

Dates for the First Gate Workshops in 2018

The Spiritual Path of ISET – Part 1: 27-29 July – for beginners

The Spiritual Path of ISET – Part 2: 11-12 August (for Inititiates who have completed Spiritual Path of ISET

          – Part 1 and are working with the teachings)

The Healing Path of ISET – Part 1: 06-07 Oct (for Initiates who have completed the Spiritual Path of ISET – Part 2)

The Healing Path of ISET – Part 2: 16-18 Nov (for Initiates who have completed the Healing Path of ISET – Part 1)

The Second to the Seventh Gates – Workshop dates for 2018

Gates 2 to 7 are taught either by invitation or following a consultation with your teacher. Progress through the Gates 

is determined by your commitment to the spiritual practices offered at each level, your personal and spiritual development and your level of competence. 

The Path of ISIS, Gate 2: 08-09 September 2018