The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

The Teachings of the Living Light : The Path of ISIS

The Path of ISIS, (ISET in Ancient Egypt), combines two programmes of spiritual study and practices: 

The Seven Gates of Awareness: These Gates are energy fields that exist in every living being as well as in the Divine Heart. They allow us to access our light bodies. Each Gate is opened through an initiation process. As we open the Gates we are taken on an ever deepening experiential journey into our Divine nature. 

The Ascension Teachings: These Teachings work specifically with the ascension bodies and the spiritual realms of the Light. In ancient Egyptian spirituality, OSIRIS is the guardian of the Gate of the 'upper region of the sky', what we call, the spiritual realms of the Light.

Both of these Teachings have astral connections, where the "As Above So Below" is manifested within us. In their associated spiritual practices we work with multi-dimensional portals of Light. The Seven Gates of Awareness and ISIS are linked to the star Sirius, whilst the OSIRIS Teachings are linked to the Rigel star of Orion, or SAHU, as it was known in ancient Egypt.

Walking the Path of the Ancient Initiate of the Living Light

The two Teachings, the Seven Gates of Awareness and the Ascension Circles, interlink. The Teachings are sequential and follow a specific order, with each teaching building on the one before. 

The Path starts with the Gate One Initiation. Gate One comprises four workshops and includes a Spiritual Path and a Healing Path. This Gate is the foundation for the whole system. The teachings require commitment to spiritual practice, either by yourself or in a group setting. 

The Teachings of the Living Light: Content

These Teachings are vast; a rich and substantial body of work, channelled over many years through direct revelation. They are the Teachings from the ancient mystery schools of Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria. The Teachings include:

  • An Initiation process. Each Gate and Circle begins with an one to one initiation into the Living Light where ISIS merges with Fotoula and heightens the person's vibrational capacity;

  • Theory on awakening, ascension and the human potential;

  • Practices and chants in light language that allow us to work with and embody the energy;

  • Connections with the moon and sun and star portals;

  • Meditations with the Living Light and symbols of power; and,

Gate 1 Courses 2021/2022

Gate One: Foundation Teaching 

02-03 Oct:   Spiritual Path 2

15-17 Oct:   Spiritual Path 1

12-13 Feb 2022:   Healing Path 1

01-03 Apr 2022: Healing Path 2

Advanced Teachings for ISIS practitioners 2021

Gate 5 – 10.00-17.00, 16-18 July

(for Initiates who completed AUSIR 3)

The Seven Gates of Awareness into the Divine Self (Temple of Karnak, Egypt)