The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Activation of the StarSeed within

All life on this planet originated from different 

places within the Universe. Many indigenous tribes 

still hold this view, believing that human beings come from different star systems within the Universe, rather 

than from a single source.

As part of the Great Experiment, each star system agreed to bring its gifts to the Earth. On Earth, life manifested in a wonderful variety of ways, creating environments which could be co-habited by many different species. 

However, through the process of incarnation we have forgotten who we are and where we come from. Consequently, the gifts that we each bring to Earth, from our star system of origin, lie dormant within us until we connect again to our star heritage.

Through the activation of the StarSeed within us, we open ourselves to once more be the ambassadors of our star worlds on the Earth. We bring forward the energies of our star system, enriching life on the planet. When we know that we are part of a much bigger family within the Universe, we can see ourselves as the honoured guests on Earth, bringing forward to this planet the gifts from our own system of origin.

In doing so, we fulfill a very ancient contract between our soul, our star system of origin and the beings who invited 

us here. We also encourage other beings from our soul family to activate their own StarSeed, and embody their gifts.

There are different chants that link us to our star system and activate the StarSeed within. These chants, when sung in sacred places constructed to connect to different celestial bodies by the Ancient people, activate the StarSeed.

In some people one activation may be sufficient and life-changing. However, other people may be drawn back into their conditioning. Therefore, it is recommended to keep repeating the process until an inner knowing arises.

Activation of the 8th Chakra 

Due to the evolution of consciousness that is already happening in our world, the higher chakras from the 8th-14th, can become activated. This can be achieved when the seven main chakras are in complete alignment and rotate with clarity and health.

The 8th chakra has been called the Chakra of the Healer, bringing Golden Light when activated. The Golden Ray flows through the body to the world. This chakra can become activated by itself through acts of kindness from 

an open heart.

As many people in our world wish to walk the path of the healer and engage in spiritual development, it is helpful to have this chakra activated. This is possible to achieve through specific ceremonies in high vibrational sites. These sites can also help energise all the chakras and the etheric bodies.

The School offers the Activation of the StarSeed within, and the Activation of the 8th and higher chakras as part of retreats and workshops.