The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

The Spiritual Path of ISET – Germany, Stuttgart
03-05 April 2020

ISET, the ancient Egyptian Goddess ISIS, is a representation of the Great Mother Energy. She is called the Heart of Creation, the Mother of unconditional love, and the creative energy of the cosmos. She is limitless and beyond form. Yet, she can appear as a being of light with a very strong, powerful and loving presence. This presence can help us raise our awareness and understanding of our multi-dimensional existence. ISIS is a key that unlocks our potential and soul evolution. She is beyond gender and carries both masculine and feminine vibrations. (This course is open to men and women and is not about goddess worship).

Through direct connection with ISET, Fotoula Adrimi was given an incredibly rich body of esoteric teachings. Fotoula has served the spiritual path of light over many lifetimes. These teachings form a path that supports our ascension towards the radiant spirit, through the transformation of the body and the connection with our sacred heart.

ISET is a teacher who walks with us sharing codes of light and ways to work with the creative power of the universe, for the highest good.  

During the Spiritual Path – Part 1, we share:

- An initiation into The Temple of the Living Light to raise your vibration so that you can align with these teachings and channel the Light of ISET;

- Esoteric connections with the Central Sun of Creation, the Moon, the star of Sirius and etheric star portals on Earth;

- Empowerment with the ancient teachings through symbols, meditations and ritual;

- Meanings of ancient myths and theodramas (ceremonies), based on the ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts (at least 5,000 years old);

The course includes a detailed manual (in English) and two cds, so that you can continue to practice the teachings after the course in your own way. 

Course:   The Spiritual Path, Part 1, Germany

Dates:     10.00-17.00, 03-04 April, 10:00-16:00 05 April 2020

Cost:       330 euros, deposit to book your place, 100 euros. 

To book: Please email Claudia Wolff: [email protected] 

Venue:    Southern Germany, Marhördt 13, 74420 Oberrot