The Circles are an opportunity for us to come together
as spiritual practitioners and support our own and
each others' growth, as well as serve the collective consciousness and the Earth 

Spiritual Empowerment Circle

This is a Online Circle for spiritual seekers

facilitated by Fotoula Adrimi to:

  • help us make sense of life, the human predicament,
    and what it means to lead a spiritual life, and


  • empower ourselves and break through the
    patterns of many generations that limit us


This is a Circle where we can share and discuss in a
safe space. A Circle where we help each other and

co-create a new reality for ourselves. A Circle of love,
compassion, and connection, where we go deep
within to unveil the hidden treasure, polish the gems, and allow them to shine.

The Circle will meet online from 19.00-21.00 (uk time) every 6-8weeks. 
There is no obligation to attend every Circle

Dates for the next meetings:–

Tuesday 12th July   –  Theme: Creation and Surrender 

Tuesday 23rd Aug  –  Theme: Emotional Mental & Spiritual Manifestation

TBC                          –  Theme: Birthing into the Physical

Cost £25.00 per Circle

payable through bank transfer

or PayPal using –

To book email –

Meeting Dates and Themes 2022

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