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Sacred Prehistoric Scotland – Stone Circles of Light

by Fotoula Adrimi – published by Signs Magazine, April 2013

Scotland has a wealth of ancient sites from pre-historic times, such as stone circles, standing stones, sacred firehills and old cairns in the middle of lochs. A cairn is a ceremonial-burial place, usually used for community burials and rituals over a long period of time and a loch is the Scottish word for lake. Although these monuments were constructed thousands of years ago and some of them are, according to archaeologists, older than the pyramids of Egypt, they still have a story to tell. 

I have been working on sacred sites in Scotland, England and Wales for over 6 years and I take groups there to experience their deep magic through shamanic ceremony and healing attunements-initiations. I know of practitioners who do Reiki attunements and healing in stone circles. I have been able to do ceremony in some of the most beautiful circles, including Stonehenge and Avebury. My favourite prehistoric sites lie in the Kilmartin Glen, south of the town of Oban, where you find over 300 ancient sites. Another favourite place is the Stone circle at Callanish, on the island of Lewis, which is a little smaller than Stonehenge, but still as impressive. The Orkney islands have a massive number of sites, with burial chambers linked to winter solstice, massive stone circles, such as the Stone circle at Stenness and the Ring of Brodgar as well as other sites now being discovered at the south of the main island. Apart from these circles, the Daviot circle in Aberdeenshire is equally impressive. There are many other circles around the country and different people are attracted to work with different sites.

I was attracted to work in stone circles and bring spiritual groups there to experience the potent energy and vortexes created therein. In my experience, the sites are all linked together with powerful psychic energy lines, called laylines. These lines travel from site to site and depending on what has happened since they were constructed, on the land, i.e. changes in the landscape due to human intervention, they can be very potent or hardly there at all. The lay lines create a massive network of light throughout the country and beyond, as stone circles do not just exist in Scotland but extend in the whole of the UK, Ireland, France and throughout Europe.

When I work in a stone circle, I first ask permission from the guardian spirits of the land. Those with psychic awareness can see, feel or hear the ancient ancestors who are still present, guarding the stone circles. Sometimes, the circles are uninviting and then I would communicate with the ancient ones and state my intention. The spirits may ask why am I interested in going inside the circle. A good intention and working from the heart and for the light, is paramount, in order to receive the gifts from the stone circles. 

One should approach the circle with respect, as we are opening up to do psychic work in a place that the ancestors have built and did ceremony before us, thousands of years ago. I also leave an offering for the ancestors and the spirits of the land. The offering is a representation of my gratitude and can be a small amount of Juniper leaves, which is a medicinal plant, sacred to many cultures, including Tibetan Buddhism, as well as the Celts. If one does not have Juniper, you could leave a hair, a piece of chocolate, some oatmeal, which is a very common grain in Scotland. Some people leave crystals in a stone circle, but this is not always a good idea, as it can really change the energy of the circle and its balance. I first became aware of that possibility when travelling in Mount Shasta and visited a sacred spring. I was informed there by the volunteers looking after the spring, that the Native American shamans had come and removed over 50 crystals from the spring, as people had left them there. The shamans had said that the crystals were altering the subtle energies of the spring, causing imbalances to appear in the subtle etheric network.

Once permission has been received, usually the circle feels more inviting and open. In that case, traditionally you can go around clockwise three times, before entering the circle. This is just a general rule and it does not apply to all circles. For example, some circles have a spiral motion, so in order to go inside, you need to almost walk from the start to the centre in a spiral, whilst other circles, which are dedicated to the moon, work anticlockwise. The best way to find out how to go inside the stone circle, is to stand in front of it with your body really relaxed and let your body move almost by itself, without much interference by your mind. Then your body, will link in with the etheric network of the circle. Another way is to use dowsing rods or a pendulum, to dowse the energies of the circle. 

I would then go inside the circle and feel which stone is calling me. I would be attracted to one or more standing stones. Then I would sit by the stone, or touch the stone with my hands, if appropriate. I will then feel the energy of the stone flowing into my body and down to my feet into the Earth.

When I finish, I always give thanks for the energy I receive. It is a great healing energy that keeps us grounded and filled with light. All we have to do is be there with an open heart to receive. Sometimes people can experience strong emotions, this is their heart opening. Tears may flow into the eyes as a spiritual blockage is released. Usually after a stone circle  visit, people feel very open, calm and peaceful. A farmer once shared that after spiritual work is done in a stone circle, the cows are a lot more quiet and calm than before and the spiritual work done in the circles has a positive effect on the animals and the land. 

The stone circles can also act as energy portals for other dimensions. When I visit stone circles, I sometimes become aware that dead people are lingering nearby. These people are those who have not made it through the veil to the spiritual realms. They may be people who died in war, famine or other traumatic circumstances. They are attracted by the Light and positive energy of the circle but they are afraid to come too close. So in this case, the stone circles and standing stones act as portals through which we can, through shamanic training, easily help these souls move on to the spiritual realms, rather than lingering on the Earth. This work must be done with love and compassion and no judgement for the spirit people in question. 

Stone circles and standing stones beam a very special etheric healing energy onto the planet. We can help sustain that energy with our voices. Singing and chanting in a stone circle amplifies the energy of the circle in the most magical way. I sometimes would ask one person to sit by a standing stone, whilst the rest of the group is chanting the sound of creation. This can be a very moving spiritual experience for the person and remove etheric and spiritual blockages, as well as increase their psychic awareness. More rarely, a person may experience a past life vision, when sitting in a stone circle, whilst other people are chanting around them.

The secret in working in stone circles and ancient sites is to do so with an open heart and respect for the sites. I am always aware that I am not the only person there, as many spirits, including nature spirits and wise ancestors still inhabit the sites. I am aware that I am really going into their space to do psychic work, and this is why I always ask their permission and give thanks. The stones themselves are very ancient. In the shamanic belief, stones, as everything else in existence on this planet, is alive and has consciousness. They are referred to as grandfathers and grandmothers, because they have been on the planet for many thousands of years, whilst our life, in comparison, is so short. The stones in a stone circle are very important, as they are holding together an etheric network of light, which links ancient sites across the planet. In my experience, all sites are connected and linked to the Great Pyramid of Giza. The etheric network is powered by the Pyramid and sustained by the stone circles and standing stones which are orientated towards different star constellations or other heavenly bodies. The ancient people who built these sites were not hairy barbarians but they knew what they were doing and they had constructed these sites with amazing precision, covering vast distances. We can still feel and receive their gifts to this day by linking psychically with the sites, their legacy to us.