The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Shamanic Retreat: The Rite of the Medicine Walk

6.00pm, Fri 29th May – 12noon, Mon 1st June 2020

In the ancient land of Kilmartin Glen, Scotland, in the land of stone circles and ancient cairns, we gather to step over the threshold and invoke the rite of the Medicine Walk.

Nature and Mother Earth become the teacher as we step through the veil and turn into the wandering spirit.

The physical reality in the wild holds a mirror for us to look deeper into our soul and ask important questions, such as: ‘Where am I in my life? What is my threshold? Who have I become? Who am I beyond my thoughts about myself?’

Apart from seeking answers to self-enquiry questions, the wild is a gate into the mystery, the Great Spirit. 

A medicine walk is a medicine-healing on many levels including the spiritual. Spirit guidance manifests through the trees that call to us, the animals and birds that cross our path, the plants we meet, and the rocks we sit on.

The ancestors come close to help us walk the path. In the ancient land of Kilmartin, pre-historic stone circles built by the Ancient Ones hold the energy of a different time. These stones help us access and activate the gifts of our soul. They support us as we walk. They teach us through light energy, that can still be felt in the land, even after thousands of years.

Following the Walk we will bring back the medicine to our community. We will sit in circle to listen, hold and acknowledge each person’s story. This year the Ceremony has been extended to three nights so that the medicine from everyone’s walk can be brought together to help us individually and collectively.

We will finish our rite with a Ceremony of Rebirth at one of the sacred sites in the valley.

The facilitators

The Ceremony is facilitated by Fotoula Adrimi and Fi Sutherland. Fotoula’s work has always incorporated high vibrational energies. She has been guided to visit many sacred sites around the world and her teachers include Enlightened Spirit Beings as well living teachers from many traditions. Fi has been a child of the wild from an early age, with a strong connection to nature and the Scottish hills. 

Both Fotoula and Fi have completed three vision quests and undertaken and facilitated numerous medicine walks. They trained in the USA with The School of Lost Borders. They will guide and support all participants.

The maximum number of participants is 8 and advance booking is required. 

Dates:    18.00, Friday 29 May – 12 noon, Monday 1st June, 2020

Place:     Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

Cost per person:  £295 twin room sharing, £315 small single bedroom, £330 large double bedroom, includes    

                course fees, vegetarian meals (three dinners, one lunch, two continental breakfasts)

Book:     To book or to discuss this ceremony, please email Fotoula Adrimi – [email protected] 

Deposit per person: £140/£155/£170