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The soul's purpose is to awaken

Equinox Shamanic Retreat: 22-24 March 2019

The Four Shields – Walking the Medicine Wheel

In the ancient land Kilmartin Glen, Scotland, at the site of stone circles and ancient cairns, we gather to step over

the threshold and invoke the rite of the Medicine Wheel, through the Four Shields.

Each shield has something to teach us, lessons about ourselves, lessons about life. And when we spiral deeper into each shield, we find the gifts of these ancient teachings. We will invoke the power of each shield, and pass through the threshold with its guardian. In shamanic journeying, walking in nature, drumming and ceremony we will walk the four directions and the four stages of human existence: newborn, the teenage years, adulthood and elder hood; new beginnings, direction, taking action, wisdom.

The Four Shields ceremony starts on Friday night and finishes on Sunday morning. In the ceremony we enter the space between the worlds, between the physical and the spiritual. Everything we meet, everything we see, has significance. We go into the wild to bring back the story for the tribe. We go out for ourselves to empower our life purpose. We walk for the Earth and all beings, feeling the heartbeat of the Mother under our feet. We rattle, drum 

and sing sacred songs that take us into the alternative reality. 

The maximum number of participants is 8 and advance booking is required. 

The ceremony will be led by Shamanic teacher, Fotoula Adrimi, and assisted by Fi Sutherland. 

Dates:    18.00, Friday 22 March – 10.30, Sunday 24 March, 2019

Place:     Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

Cost per person:  £235 twin room sharing, £245 small single bedroom, £255 large double bedroom, includes    

                course fees, vegetarian meals (two dinners, lunch, two continental breakfasts)

Book:     To book or to discuss this ceremony, please email Fotoula Adrimi – [email protected] 

Deposit per person: £105/£115/£125