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Below is a list of Shamanic Practitioners who have trained with Fotoula Adrimi, Shamanic Teacher for The ISIS School. Fotoula Adrimi is part of the Global Shamanic Teachers network created by Sandra Ingerman. 


All shamanic practitioners have had a comprehensive shamanic education, they all perform soul retrieval and shamanic healing and some offer other therapies too. 


All these practitioners work with individual clients. Some practitioners work with animals and the land, whilst others specialise on sacred art and/or drum making. Some practitioners run a shamanic circle in their area.

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Shamanic Practitioners Scotland

Fotoula Adrimi (Glasgow)  –  Mob: 07969459756, Email:  Facebook 

Works with animals. Also offers distant sessions. Shamanic Circle.

Central Scotland
Lisa Miller – Mob: 07891716325, Email: Also Offers One to One and Circles.



Kirkcaldy: Lisa Love – Mob: 07565322956, Email: Facebook

Also offers distant sessions. Shamanic Circle. 

Shamanic Practitioners UK List