Shamanic Practitioner Reunion Days

Next Reunion Day – Sunday 16th October

The Reunion Days are open to all who

have graduated from the practitioner

training taught by Fotoula Adrimi, 

the ISIS School of Holistic Health

We meet:10.00-17.00 –
Saturday 26th Feb

Sunday 17th July

Sunday 27th Nov

Shamanic gathering with drums

Reunion Day 2022


Sunday 16th October

This is an opportunity for The ISIS School's shamanic practitioners to come together in ceremony, open

to the heartbeat of the drum and the song of our heart, and support ourselves and each other to walk this path in our own way. It is also a chance for practitioners to deepen their connection to the work.

Sunday 16th October is the next Shamanic Practitioner Reunion Day where we meet to share experiences, do group healing work, and participate in shamanic ceremony. Each day will be facilitated by Fotoula and her helping spirits.

Theme for 16th Oct: Healing through the Drum, including extraction of energy blocks and connecting more with our shamanic path.

Venue: Glasgow Theosophical Society library

             17 Queen's Crescent, Glasgow G4 9BL

Cost:  £85.00   Deposit: £40.00