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Shamanic Practitioner Training 2019

An in-depth, spirit-guided and soul-expansive shamanic practitioner course 

Powerful, in-depth training

Join a powerful and in-depth shamanic practitioner training to learn and practice these ancient ways. The course is designed to take participants through the initiations of the shamanic path and teach the healing work of a shamanic practitioner. Participants will work with spirit guides and teachers of the light, to become the bridge between the worlds and bring the spiritual light into the physical reality.

During the course we will work both individually and in circle to walk the shamanic path through the drum, for ourselves and others.

The course will cover: cord cutting and dismemberment, ceremony, power retrieval, soul retrieval, shamanic journeying and divination, shamanic healing, shamanic transfiguration and medicine for the Earth, ancestral healing, death and dying, de-possession, extraction, moon and sun rites and shamanic re-birthing. 

About Fotoula Adrimi

Fotoula was born into the Adrimi family (Adrimi means of the Oak tree). The family hold a shamanic lineage from ancient Greece, although many of the old practices have been fast disappearing. As a child, Fotoula was intrigued by the ancient ceremonies of bone divination and full moon rituals.

Fotoula at fire ceremony 

(picture curtesy of P. Oakspring) 

When the shamanic path called her, Fotoula went through a death experience and severed herself from her previous life. Since then she 

has studied and travelled intensively, training in shamanism with Sandra Ingerman and indigenous shamans from various traditions (Native American, Himalayan, Peruvian, Toltec). She has also retrieved many of 

the old ceremonies and stories from her living elders and ancestral spirits.

Fotoula is highly experienced in her art and radiates the light of compassion to her students. She has been holding weekly shamanic circles and workshops since 2009 and teaching shamanic practitioners since 2012. 
As a practitioner herself, Fotoula has been working with clients since 2007 and has seen hundreds of people.  

A circle of 12 modules over 12 months and one day

19/20 January: First Initiation: Dismemberment, journeying and power retrieval. 

09/10 February: Ceremony and ritual: Work in sacred space, stages of ceremony, transfiguration, shamanic healing with spiritual light 

08-09/10 March: Medicine Walk (with overnight stay in countryside venue)

06/07 April: Introduction to Soul Retrieval, Fire ceremony, Beltaine celebration-completion of first circle

04/05 May: Soul remembering

08/09 June: Soul Release and Death and Dying

06/07 July: The psychopomp

03/04 August: Medicine for the Earth and celebration of 2nd circle completion 

07/08 Sept: Shamanic Extraction

19/20 October: Ancestral Healing

09/10 November: Sun and Moon rites

21/22 December: Shamanic 

Re-birthing – third circle completion

Sat 18 January 2020: Completion of the overall Circle of the Year and a Day and Graduation Ceremony

About the Course

This is a journey of 12 months and one day. To graduate as a shamanic practitioner participants need to complete all modules and casework, and attend the graduation ceremony. This is a commitment each participant makes with the wise spirits/guardians of these ancient teachings. The course teaches the methods but it is up to participants and their wise spirit teachers to develop the art. No-one can make us a practitioner, it is an inner calling and a gift from spirit to the person.

Before subscribing to the course, it is recommended that participants have some experience of shamanism, either by receiving a shamanic healing or, preferably, attending a shamanic circle. It is best if people know this path is for them before they take the initiation. To experience a shamanic journey with Fotoula, you can attend the two hour Way of the Drum shamanic circle.

Once you sign up, changes may take place to align you with your path and soul's calling. Places are limited to
12 participants. 
If you are interested in the Course email Fotoula as soon as possible: fotoula

Course: Shamanic Practitioner Course 2019 

Cost:       £1950 for the whole year, including 12 weekend teachings, 1-2 overnight stays(March), graduation    

                ceremony. Non residential (10:00-17:00 unless otherwise specified).              

Deposit: deposit £500 (non refundable) 

Payment Plan 1: Pay total fee: reduced to £1900 if paid in full before course starts.

Payment Plan 2: Pay in instalments: (Deposit at booking, 19 January £500, 6 April £500, 7 September £450) 

(Please note: Participants are required to pay the total fee, even if they drop out before the course finishes.)

Bookings: Places are limited, advance booking is required. To book, email: [email protected]

Venue: The Theosophical Society, 17 Queen's Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL, 

For March medicine walk only, overnight stay in countryside venue in Scotland.