The ISIS School of Holistic Health

Awakening into the stillness of the light of the world

Shamanic Gathering – 27 October 2018

This is a day of practising shamanism and shamanic healing and a refresher course for those who have taken shamanic workshops through The ISIS School (check with Fotoula if you have studied with other teachers).

We come together to facilitate healing by journeying into alternative realities, drumming, singing and holding sacred space.

We will honour everyone's shamanic skills. Participants can offer or receive healing such as power retrieval, soul retrieval, transfiguration, extraction, or journey for each other to receive guidance. This is a time when we become the hollow bone; the conduit for the helping spirits to work through us.

We will also be guided into ceremony to empower our calling and shamanic path and be of service to the Earth and all beings.

This workshop is open to everyone who has studied shamanism with Fotoula Adrimi, or through teachers of the global network shamanic If you are unsure if this workshop is for you, please so not hesitate to contact Fotoula: [email protected]

Course: Shamanic Gathering

Dates:    Saturday, 27 October 2018

Cost :     £60.00 per person, deposit £30.00

Venue:   The Theosophical Society, the library, 17 Queen's Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL