The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Shamanic Depossession

The shamanic belief is that some spirits, either in human form 

or otherwise, can become lost and link to a human being to draw energy from them. In such cases, the person’s thoughts and behaviour can be influenced by these discarnate entities. 

In some spiritual traditions they refer to these spirits as false guides. In extreme circumstances, a person may take on physical conditions of the spirit, and may even be completely taken over 

by the foreign being. However, the latter is very rare.

Sometimes it is possible to remove discarnate spirits from a person's auric field in one session, especially if the possession 

has been recent. However, in long-standing cases, the shamanic practitioner may have to perform a series of healing treatments and even if the spirits are removed, they may return. Sometimes the person can be, unconsciously, drawing these entities to them, perhaps because of long-term psychological issues. 

Individual Session:

Shamanic de-possession can take place in a session, lasting an hour and a half. To make a booking, please contact Fotoula Adrimi at [email protected]


This forms part of the Death and Dying training, the path of the Jackal, as well as the Shamanic Practitioner Course.