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The ISIS School of Holistic Health

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The School of Shamanism  – Courses & Weekly Group

Shamanism is one of the most ancient spiritual practices. It is a way of life. 

The principle in shamanism is that there are parallel realities where advanced spirits live. These spirits are motivated by their compassion to help humankind and alleviate suffering. A shaman is the bridge between these alternative realities to access that wisdom.

Shamanism is an experiential path where all life is honoured. There is no dogma. Shamans recognise that the highest power is love, and that any shamanic work is more powerful when undertaken from the heart. This heart connection infuses their life and work. In order to live shamanism, one must be present, focused and aware, in both the physical world and any parallel realities.

Shamanic Courses 2018

13-14 Oct 2018: The Journey of the Shaman and Retrieval of Personal Power

27 October: Shamanic Gathering

Shamanic Courses 2019

Shamanic practitioner training 2019, starts on 19 January 2019, runs for 12 months and a day.

Shamanic Residential Retreat – Equinox 2019

22-24 March 2019: Equinox Shamanic Retreat

The Four Shields: Walking the Path of the Medicine Wheel

Moondance Ceremony 2019

10-17 August 2019: Moondance Ceremony in Southern Germany

The group meets on Monday evenings in the Library of the Glasgow Theosophical Society from 7.00pm-9.00pm. Fotoula Adrimi has been facilitating a shamanic group in Glasgow since 2009.

Programme 2018: 
10 Sept:  The death of the old