The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

The School of Shamanism UK

Shamanic Programme

Shamanism is one of the most ancient spiritual practices. It is a way of life. The principle in shamanism is that there are parallel realities where advanced spirits live. These spirits are motivated by their compassion 

to help humankind and alleviate suffering. A shamanic practitioner is the bridge between these alternative realities 

to access that wisdom.

Online webinar course: The Path of the Eagle 2 – Shamanic Purification – starts 6th April

In this five module course Fotoula will share practices, teachings and ceremonies that will help participants step on a healing journey of purification.

Online Shamanic Practitioner Training 2021-2023

Two-year training – starts November 2021 and finishes with with a graduation ceremony on 19th November 2023.   

Online Shamanic Circle 

The Way of the Drum

Meetings of the Shamanic Circle will continue to be online via zoomAll Circles take place on Monday evenings from 19.00-20.30 (UK time)


26 Apr  –  Shamanic Intrusions and Heavy Energy

10 May –  The Sun

17 May –  Moon Ritual

24 May –  Connecting with the Star Nations

14 Jun  –  Soul Healing and Essence Retrieval

21 Jun  –  Summer Solstice Ceremony

Cost for Online Circle: £12.00 / £13.00 overseas – payment via PayPal using email address –

[email protected], or through bank transfer 

Online Workshop: Himalayan Shamanism with Indigenous Shaman Bhola Banstola

25-27 June 2021. Bhola Banstola is a Himalayan Shaman and 27th generation lineage holder. The workshop will focus on psychopomping through MahaKala. Due to current restrictions Bhola has asked that the workshop is now held online. This has opened the door for more participants to join. If you are interested please get in touch – [email protected]

Pilgrimage: Shamanic and Spiritual Pilgrimage to Nepal and Tibet with Fotoula Adrimi, Bhola Bastola and Carine Lemaitre. 30 August to 21 September 2022

Shamanism – Recorded Webinar Courses 

Online Webinar: The Journey of Initiation

This is a course of initiation into high vibrational cosmic energies, codes of power and multi-dimensions to assist soul evolution and expansion. This course can be done at any time, as you work with it at your own pace.  

The Shamanic Way – A Seven Module Introductory Webinar on Shamanism

This course offers a concise introduction into the shamanic ways. We explore foundation teachings on how to journey, access the different etheric planes (lower, middle and upper worlds), work with power animals and spirit guides, build an altar and create ceremony and learn how to work with the Medicine Wheel, the directions and their keepers. 

Women's Rites Course – The Magic of the Sacred Blood – Four Modules

In this recorded course we come together as a community of women to harness our Divine feminine energy and rebirth our sacred self. We join in circle as maidens, mothers and elders to share ceremonies, wisdom teachings, and the gifts of our soul. The course, which is facilitated by Fotoula Adrimi.

Webinar: Path of the Eagle 1 – Walking the Shamanic Journey  
In this four module webinar on classic shamanism, Fotoula Adrimi shares practices, teachings and ceremonies that will help participants access a deeper calling as they walk their shamanic path. It will also strengthen people's journeying experience in the alternative realities. The course has been created through Fotoula's experience in teaching classic shamanism as well as direct revelation from her helping spirits.