The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Meditation Groups

The School facilitates two meditation groups – a Saturday morning meditation and spiritual development group (see below) and a weekly circle, drawing from many spiritual traditions. These groups which are open to everyone, help us reconnect with our inner voice and strengthen the bond with our Divine Self. 

The practices also enable higher states of consciousness that allow us to detach from the conditioning of the mind, and view life from a different perspective. The state of being, described in Tibet as Rang Bap – the mind as it is, without agenda – is the state in which we access our own wisdom and enlightened self. Meditating in a group creates an enhanced energy field which enables easier access to the higher states of consciousness, to the state of being, for all participants. Practising together creates a wave of energy that we can all sail on.

Saturday Morning Meditation Group

Fotoula Adrimi and Fi Sutherland facilitate a Saturday morning of meditation and deep connection with the Infinite within us. Each session has a different theme inviting us to look at our lives from a different perspective and release and detach from the patterns which limit us from being our true essence. The aim of the practices is inner transformation; to bring ourselves into heightened states of awareness to access our Divine potential and lift the conditioned veil. Each workshop is based on a spiritual teaching to aid soul evolution. 

Next Group: Saturday 24 August – Protecting ourselvs through Awareness

Everything we do is guided by Enlightened Spirit Guides who

oversee the work of The ISIS School and give us such beautiful teachings to share with the people who come to our circles, workshops, courses and groups. On the 24th August we will speak about the arrows we send out and receive back and how we can protect ourselves from these arrows by increasing our awareness by generating the space of equanimity, the quiet mind. In this space we can work with conscious intention so that our words, thoughts and actions create beneficial consequences for ourselves and all beings.  

Please let Fi know if you wish to attend – [email protected]

Saturday Morning Meditation Dates for 2019 and 2020

Dates for 2019:  24 Aug, 5 Oct, 23 Nov, 14 Dec
Dates for 2020: 11 Jan, 29 Feb, 28 March, 09 May, 06 June, 04 July, 26 Sept, 24 Oct, 14 Nov, 05 Dec

Workshop time: Saturday mornings, 10.00-13.00

Cost: £20 per person.

Venue: The Glasgow Theosophical Society – The Library (top floor) 

For more information, or to book, email Fi at [email protected]