The ISIS School has three regular online circles – 
Shamanic Circle, Meditation Circle, and ISET Practitioners' Circle

Online Shamanic Circle: Monday Evening – 19.00-20.30 (UK time)

Fotoula Adrimi is an experienced shamanic teacher and practitioner

who has helped hundreds of people find their calling through shamanism and alternative spirituality. In the Circle she shares shamanic teachings, journeying, meditations and ceremonies in an online community setting. Click the button on the right to read more.

Online Mediation & Chanting Circle: Thurs Evening – 18.50-20.30 (UK time)

Fi Sutherland has been meditating daily since 1995. She is

an experienced teacher of meditation, and has facilitated 

a Meditation Circle in Glasgow since 2011. In this online

Circle Fi shares meditation teachings and practices including

visualisations, mantra chanting and the silence of equanimity.

The Circle is open to beginners and experienced meditation

practitioners. Click the button on the right to read more.

This is an opportunity for Initiates of the Living Light to come together and practice spiritual teachings. ISET, the Great Mother, will guide each session through Fotoula. Click the button on the right to read more.

Regular Online Circles

Online ISET Pracitioner's Circle: monthly