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The Rays of Divine Consciousness

12 strands of DNA,12 codes of power

The Rays of Divine Consciousness Retreat

The Rays of Divine Consciousness spiritual practice is a gift to the world from Archangel Gabriel and the Being of Light that is ISET. Fotoula Adrimi, who has been practicing the Rays for a long time, has now been given the keys 

to facilitate these initiations and share the meditation practices.

There are 12 Rays in total, the same number as the spiritual DNA code. Each Ray is linked to a different strand of 

the 12-stranded spiritual DNA. In order to bring these Rays into our consciousness and activate the 12-stranded spiritual DNA, it is necessary to go through an initiation ceremony that restructures the spiritual DNA. The ceremony includes a process called, “the opening of the crown”. These initiations and practices are shared in the Rays retreat.

This is a very profound way of working with high vibrational energies and a great gift to yourself and the world. It is an invitation to all to work with the Rays for the Highest Good of All Beings. Each Ray brings its own fruits and therefore 

it takes time to accumulate all these precious gifts. Archangel Gabriel has said that “what we are receiving through the Rays is the Essence of Light”. 

This process cannot be hurried. It is a lifetime of practice; practicing joy, grace, love, compassion and forgiveness 

for awakening within the body.

Fotoula Adrimi speaking about the Rays of Divine Consciousness.