The ISIS School of Holistic Health, UK

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

The Priestess / Priest of the Moon Lineage

For thousands of years ceremonies took place in sacred sites overseen 

by Priestesses and Priests of the Living Light. This lineage is being reintroduced through The ISIS School, to bring these ceremonies and teachings into the world.  

The Priestess and Priest of the Moon Programme

This is a two-year training programme, encompassing personal growth and development and practices and ceremonies for working in community.

Once participants complete the course, they may wish to create their own Temple of the Moon and practice ceremoniously for the benefit of themselves and their community. However, as the Temple is always within us, this course can also be completed as part of your ongoing spiritual development. The course is taught largely in sacred sites in Scotland, linking with an ancient lineage.

During the programme participants:


* Acquire spiritual knowledge and self-awareness;

* Learn ceremonies for the well-being of the planet;

* Learn sacred practices for blessings and everyday ceremonies for yourself

and your community, such as death rites, naming ceremonies, moon ceremonies etc;

* Receive initiations for the first three Rays of Divine Consciousness;

* Practice ancient ways of connection with the Whole for your own spiritual development;

* Create a way of staying centered, connected and aware during the transitional times of this era;

* Work with enlightened spirits for the Highest Good;

* Be a caretaker of the high energy ancient sites and portals;

* Build a network of support for your work, both etherically and physically;

* Use your intent and then surrender to the Will of the Divine Being


This will be a circle of people dedicated to working together for two years. The next training will start in January 2020.