For thousands of years ceremonies took place in sacred sites overseen by

Priestesses and Priests of the Living Light. This lineage is being reintroduced

through The ISIS School,  to bring the ceremonies and teachings back to the world. 


Fotoula Adrimi remembers this lineage through her spiritual connection. Whilst connecting with the prehistoric sites and standing stones, she communicated with the ancient spirits who continue to call women to

the path of the moon.


This is the path of the inner mystic, where the cauldron represents the womb.

In its dark waters, we read the omens. Inside our bodies is the void out of which new life, new possibilities and new realities are born. The women weave the old and the new under the subtle and powerful energy of the moon. 


The course leads to a Spiritual Celebrant qualification to conduct ceremonies,

funerals, hand fasting, blessings and rites of passage, celebrating major life


Temple Wood-Gill Hastie.jpeg

Photo: ©Gill Hastie

Fotoula's first encounter with Hecate in 2005 opened her own connection with the moon. She saw herself

in a circle of women, all dressed in black, chanting

and calling the primordial cosmic mother. This fleeting vision opened her path to ancestral healing, self empowerment and deep ceremonial work. Fotoula facilitated the first Priestess of the Moon Circle in 2012-2014. Now, the Goddess is calling for another circle of women to gather and enter this ceremonial space of learning. 

This is a two-year training programme, encompassing personal and spiritual development, as well as practices and ceremonies for working in the community.

Once participants complete the course, they may wish to create their own Temple of the Moon and hold ceremonies for the benefit of themselves and their community. However, as the Temple is always within us,

this course can also be completed as part of of your ongoing spiritual development. 

The Facilitators

Dates for the 2020-2021 Circle

Year 1, 2020:


7-9 Feb: Full moon Initiation in a prehistoric site 

in Kilmartin, Scotland 


20-22 March: Spring Equinox & waning moon


19-21 June: Summer Solstice & dark moon


18-20 Sept: Autumn Equinox & new moon


18-20 Dec: Winter Solstice & waxing moon



Year 2, 2021:


29-31 January: Imbolc & full moon


30 April-02 May: Beltana & waning moon


30 July-01 Aug: Lammas & waning moon


29-31 October: Samhain & waning moon. We open the Circle in Kilmartin and we will close it in Kilmartin. This Ninth Circle in the Celtic new year heralds both an ending and a new beginning. 

This two year programme is a ceremony in itself.

We will work with the cycle of the year and the moon phases in a way that is appropriate to our calling and inherent skills. 

The Priestess of the Moon course structure

​The first and last circles take place in Kilmartin, where we will work in the prehistoric sites related to the moon. All other circles meet in Glasgow. 


Friday evening to Sunday late afternoon:

19:00-21:00 Friday

10:00-21:00 Saturday

(10:00-17:00 teaching, 19:00-21:00 public ceremony)

10:30-16:30 Sunday





On Friday night we set the circle, share our sacred space and start the teaching. 


On Saturday, during the day, we journey, conduct rituals and teach the ceremonies.


On Saturday evening we hold a public ceremony, which we share with others. This enables us to learn how to work and share rituals with the community.

You can invite members of your family and friends

to take part in the public ceremonies. 


On Sunday we reflect, share and go deeper into the priesthood and moon work.

The Priestess of the Moon Programme

Moon Gazing

The Priestess of the Moon Lineage

The current Priestess of the Moon Training Course finishes in Oct 2021.

The ISIS School will run another Priestess Training Course the dates of which have yet to be confirmed

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During the programme participants:


  • Acquire spiritual knowledge and increased self-awareness;

  • Learn ceremonies for the well-being of the planet;

  • Learn sacred practices for blessings and major life event ceremonies
    for yourself and your community, such as death rites, naming ceremonies (for babies and adults), hand fasting, moon ceremonies;

  • Practice ancient ways of connection; 

  • Create a way of staying centered, connected and aware during the transitional times of this era;

  • Work with enlightened spirits for the Highest Good;

  • Build a network of support for your work, both etherically & physically;

  • Build and dedicate your own Temple (either inner, outer or both);

  • Receive the initiation of the Living Light and join the ancient Priesthood of the Moon

This will be a Circle of women who are committed to working together for two years. Participants will need to 

complete the whole programme to graduate. Apart from the first and last weekends which take place in Kilmartin, Scotland, all training weekends will be in Glasgow, Scotland. 


Registration for this course is now open. Please email us for the application form:


Cost: £2,300 for the two year programme 

(The deposit is the payment for the last weekend's training. It is non-transferable and non-refundable.)


Payment Plan 1: Deposit: £300 on registration. £250 for each weekend, payable before weekend starts, apart from 

                             the last weekend, covered by the deposit.         

Payment Plan 2: Deposit £300 on application. £100 monthly direct debit from January 2020 for 20 months


Payment Plan 3: Pay the whole programme costs on registration for the reduced fee of £2150 (£150 discount). 

                            (Total fee is non-transferable and non-refundable).

How to Join the Priestess of the Moon Training