The ISIS School of Holistic Health, UK

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

Awakening into the stillness of the light of the world

The Priestess – Priest of the Moon Lineage

For thousands of years ceremonies took place in sacred sites 

held by Priestesses and Priests of ISET. This lineage is being 

re-awakened with the establishment of the Temple of ISET 

as a new ceremonial place linked to this ancient tradition 

but created for our time. These Priestesses and Priests of the Moon 

are the living pillars of the ISET Temple and bring these ceremonies 

and teachings into the world. This lineage is much older than 

Ancient Egypt, even before the Lemurian times. 

The Priestesses and Priest of the Moon Programme

This is a two-year training programme, encompassing personal 

growth and development and practices and ceremonies for 

working in community.

Once you complete the course, if you are so called, you may wish 

to create your own Temple of the Moon and practice ceremoniously 

for the benefit of yourself and your community. However, as the 

Temple is always within, this course may also be for your own 

spiritual development.

The course is taught largely in sacred sites in Scotland, linking with 

a very ancient lineage.

During this programme you will:


* Acquire spiritual knowledge and self-awareness;

* Learn ceremonies for the well-being of the planet 

  and the whole of humanity;

* Learn sacred practices for blessings and everyday ceremonies 

  for yourself and your community, such as death rites, naming ceremonies, moon ceremonies etc;

* Receive initiations for the first three Rays of Divine Consciousness;

* Practice ancient ways of connection with the Whole for your own spiritual development;

* Create a way of staying centered, connected and aware during the transitional times of this era;

* Work with enlightened spirits for the Highest Good;

* Be a caretaker of the high energy ancient sites and portals;

* Build a network of support for your work, both etherically and physically;

* Use your intent and then surrender to the Will of the Divine Being


This will be a small circle of people dedicated to working together for two years, meeting every six months for a week and also linking together online once a month. Three of the four weeks will take place in Scotland, with the last week in Luxor, Egypt (unless there are issues concerning safe travel to Egypt). 


In order to apply for this programme, you will need to complete the two prerequisites The Ancient Ones Retreat and 

The Spiritual Path of ISET, Part I and fill in the application form to state your interest, as places are limited. If you wish to participate, please express your interest by email to and request an application form.


Next Priestess – Priest of the Moon training programme TBC.