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Training as a Shamanic Practitioner

Shamanism has been practiced for thousands of years, and as the veils between the worlds become thinner, many people are being drawn to this ancient earth spirituality.

Shamanism is a lifetime practice. It is not a profession; 

it is an inner calling. However, there are specific 

shamanic trainings that people in the west can undertake.

Every healer, including a shamanic practitioner, learns their trade through practice. Contact with the spirit world may come naturally, but it has to be harnessed. At the same time, the practitioner needs to be grounded. Unless the practice is based in the present and everyday reality, 

it has little value.

In order to give people the important skills and tools to become a rounded shamanic practitioner the School has devised a five path programme that includes all main shamanic healing modules as well as ritual and ceremony. 

The next practitioner's course will start in 2019. Please follow the link for details. 

The five paths of the shamanic practitioners’ course:

  • The Path of the Eagle: The Journey of the Shaman and retrieval of personal power: This course provides theoretical knowledge of shamanism and the shamanic worlds, as well as experiential practice of shamanic healing. Participants also learn to retrieve power and life-force for clients through journeying to alternative realities. (No prerequisite required). Next course: 13-14 October 2018

  • The Path of the Earth: The original course has been split into two workshops – Medicine for the Earth (to be confirmed); and Healing with Spiritual Light. In this courses participants learn how to align with the four elements, experience their own radiance and heal themselves, others and the earth through the light of their essence. Over the two workshops we work with the ancient practice of shamanic transfiguration and masks to help us discover our inner self. 

  • The Path of the Jaguar: Soul Retrieval: This is the essence of shamanic healing as practiced by many indigenous shamans. In this course participants learn how to retrieve other peoples’ soul essence to help people heal at a deep level. 

  • The Path of the Bear: Shamanic Extraction: Learn how to extract energetic intrusions from the body and neutralise them, by merging deeply with your spirit helpers. (Prerequisite: Soul Retrieval training)

  • The Path of the Jackal: Death and Dying, Shamanic Workshops: This course is split into two workshops. In the first workshop participants learn how to: help people pass through the death process to be reborn in the spiritual realms; help lost souls find their way home and; how to support people who are grieving. This is a very important teaching, especially in our times. Part 2: Death and Dying. The focus for this second workshop is on Psychopomping, learning how to safely help stranded souls who have not made it through the veil into the spiritual realms. Fotoula will also share shamanic teachings on de-possession. 

After you have trained in all five paths, you receive the gift of shamanic initiation. This is also part of the journey, 

and not a destination. 

Working shamanically with integrity

Below are some suggestions for people who wish to focus on, and take ownership of, their shamanic path:

  • Practice shamanic journeying once a week.

  • Have a regular daily spiritual practice that helps calm the conditioned mind. This could be meditation, mantra chanting, time in nature, ritual, ceremony etc. It may be different for each person.

  • Continue personal development through inner work. Shamanism is a path where we embrace our vulnerability, 
to open our heart and work with integrity and love. As we walk this path, issues and patterns will come up. If we choose to acknowledge and work with the patterns they can be cleared, and we can move towards becoming ‘the hollow bone’ through which the light of spirit shines.

  • As we walk further along the path we will be called to: develop our integrity, and personal responsibility; 
look at addictive behaviours and what takes us out of balance; develop self love, understanding and compassion 
for all beings; whilst at the same time embracing our own personal power and soul purpose.

A shamanic practitioner is someone who is willing to step into the unknown and surrender to life and Divine Will. Although the School offers this training, life is the great initiator. It is life who leads us to the situations where we have the opportunity to grow spiritually, open our heart to love, and embody the shamanic calling.