Webinar – Path of the Eagle 2 – Shamanic Purification

In this five module webinar course Fotoula shares practices, teachings and ceremonies that help participants to step on a healing journey of purification. As we go through these planetary etheric energy shifts,

we will support our physical and etheric body to cleanse the old heavy energies from this and other lives and from our ancestors. 


Workshop Content


Five modules each lasting approx 1.25-1.5hrs


Module 1
Into the Cauldron of Rebirth – Invoking the Power of Mother Earth


Module 2
The Green Earth – Purification in the Middle World


Module 3
Back to the Underworld – The Pathway of the Dead


Module 4
The Star Connection – The Temple of Light

Module 5
The Cave of the Ancient Teacher – Chiron’s Gift of the Animal/Human State



This course is open to anyone who is drawn to the shamanic way. It is a stand alone Course. Completion of Path of the Eagle 1 is not necessary in order to benefit this course. The only prerequisite is experience in shamanic journeying. 


(Please note – The course is for personal use only. The workshop content cannot be shared with others. It is to inform your practice and spiritual work.)


Recorded Files


Fotoula shares the course over four recorded webinars. All sessions are available in audio as well as video format. We can send you the audio files and if you wish, we can also send the videos. (Video files are very large). Files are sent electronically. You can then visit the sessions as often as you wish. 




The Cost of the Webinar Course


£175.00 per person. You can pay either through Bank Transfer (email The School, info@isis-school.com, for the bank details) or through PayPal using the address – info@isis-school.com  (Please note for those paying with PayPal the cost for the course is £183.00). 


Anyone who has completed the shamanic practitioner course with The ISIS School of Holistic Health is illegible for a 50% discount – £87.50.