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Path of ISIS Courses and Dates

Path of ISIS Courses and Dates: Teachings of the Living Light

We open to the Light of the world
so we can become that Light

This is a vast body of teachings which aim to 'open us to the Light of the World, so we can become that Light'. As the energy flows inside us it opens up the wisdom that exists within. This is our feeling of homecoming – we sense we know this work. The Teachings of the Living Light / Path of ISIS is the path of the ancient Initiates of the Mystery Schools that ISIS is reintroducing to the world, through The ISIS School of Holistic Health. 


To start walking the Path of ISIS the first course is the Spiritual Path of ISIS, Part 1. This introductory 3-day course involves an Initiation process that opens the way for participants to channel the high energy vibrations of the Living Light. 

Teachings of the Living Light / Path of ISIS –
Gate 1 Courses (Foundation Teaching) 2023/2024

 Sirius Star and Liling Light Path of ISIS

10.00-17.00, 21-22 October:   Healing Path of ISET, Part 1

(Next Course after Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 2)

10.00-17.00, 24-26 November:   Healing Path of ISET, Part 2

(Next Course after Healing Path  of ISET, Part 1)

10.00-17.00, 22-24 March 2024:   Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1

(Introductory Course for the Path of ISIS /the Path of the Living Light)

Date TBC – 3 days:   Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 2

(Next Course after Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1)

Gate 5  –  3 days, 10.00-17.00, 29 Sept-01 Oct

(this is the next course after AUSIR 3.)

Initiations for Gate 5 will take place on Thurs 28th Sept.

Path of ISIS Advanced Teachings

Online ISET Initiates Circle – for Initiates of the Living Light

This is an opportunity for Initiates of the Living Light to come together, practice the mystery school teachings, and share their experiences. Each Circle is unique and guided by ISET, as channelled by Fotoula. The Circle usually includes a meditation, journey, visualisation, chanting or ceremony. Anyone who has taken part in the Spiritual Path of ISET – Part 1, 3-day course can attend. (All times are UK timezone). For more information click here

Circle Dates (UK timezone)

19.00-20.30, Tues, 10th Oct

19.00-20.30, Tues, 7th Nov

19.00-20.30, Fri, 22nd Dec

Egyptian Goddess ISIS with wings
Goddess ISIS with wings

Online Introductory Webinar and two Living Light Courses
on Ancient Egyptian Spirituality

These online webinars offer a rounded journey of key aspects of the spirituality of the Living Light as it was practiced in ancient Egypt, as well as activations, empowerments and spiritual practices. They provide fascinating background information and insights into ancient Egyptian spirituality on which the Path of ISIS/Gates of Awareness teachings are based. Although there are some suggested spiritual practices in the webinars they

are optional. 

Living Light 1 and Living Light 2 Online Courses are stand-alone. You do not need to have completed Living Light 1 to watch Living Light 2 as these courses a different focus. The only recommendation is to first watch the Introductory Webinar before watching the Living Light Courses, however this is only a suggestion.

Advanced Teachings of the Living Light / Path of ISIS –
Courses for other Gates – 2023

Introduction -

Dipping a Toe:


Introduction to the spirituality of

Ancient Egypt: A Webinar with an overview of the

Path of the Living Light

that includes a

spiritual journey to the Pyramid Complex.

Living Light 1 –

The Seeker of Knowledge: THOTH

Living Light 1: Teachings on the esoteric knowledge of the spirituality of Ancient Egypt.

A Seven Module

Webinar series with theory and guided spiritual practices.

Living Light 2 –

The Activator

of the Living Light: OSIRIS/AUSIR

Living Light 2: Through a series of practices based on the Teachings of Death and Resurrection you activate your multi-dimensional self and gain access to the Living Light frequency.

A Seven Module series of energy work.

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