The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

The Path of ISIS: The Teachings of the Living Light

The Spiritual Path of ISET

Imagine we live a life of joy, appreciating the beauty of the Earth, respecting all; each other and ourselves.

Imagine we have an inner knowing of 

our divinity; that we live in our power, aligned with our life's purpose, expressing our soul's essence of unconditional love.

Imagine Earth in its pristine condition, with pure waters, lush forests and clean air, nurturing us and all living beings.

There is only one way to create this 

vision of the new Gaia: to raise our consciousness individually and thus collectively. This is the aim of the Teachings of the Living Light and the Path of ISIS

The Teachings of the Living Light are a Path to Awakening and Ascension that can span lifetimes. These Teachings are also known as The Path of ISIS. The aim of the Path of ISIS is: to open us to the Light of the World, so that we can become the Light. 

Teachings of the Living Light / The Path of ISIS include:

  • Awakening: Whilst on Earth our perspective is limited by the conditioning of the mind. The Path teaches the way of the heart, the connection to the Divine essence that exists within us. This is a path of awakening that passes through the heart. 

  • Self-realisation: When we connect with the Living Light, we understand deeper truths, including the essence of our own nature. As we practice these teachings we are guided towards self-realisation. There is no dogma in the Teachings; deeper understanding arises from directly experiencing our Divine connection.

  • Embodied spirituality: Through the practices we touch our essential essence of unconditional love, the power of creation and the mysteries of the cosmos. These Teachings take us, not only into high spiritual energies and multi dimensional planes, they also bring everything back into the body. This system initiates a way of spiritual life, here on Earth. 

Gate 1 Courses 2021/22

02-03 Oct: Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 2 – for initiates who have attended Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1

15-17 Oct: Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1 – the introductory course for the Path of the Living Light teachings.

12-13 Feb 2022: Healing Path of ISET, Part 1 – for initiates who have attended Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 2

01-03 Apr 2022: Healing Path of ISET, Part 2 – for initiates who have attended Healing Path of ISET, Part 1

ISIS, the Teacher of the Living Light

Fotoula Adrimi's first contact with ISIS, the ancient Egyptian Divine Mother, was as a child. When Fotoula reached adolescence ISIS left, and Fotoula experienced a "normal" life. One night in 2006, Fotoula had a spiritual awakening as the Living Light flowed into her body. Around the same time, ISIS asked Fotoula to be her teacher. 

(For more about Fotoula as the channel of ISIS, follow the link)

Since 2006, Fotoula has been channelling the Teachings of the Living Light / The Path of ISIS directly from ISIS. This is a rich and substantial body of work which includes meditations, ceremonies, chants, theory and practices. ISIS is re-introducing the Teachings in a way that is appropriate for our times. The last time these teachings were available on Earth was during the golden times of ancient Egypt. As in the ancient Egyptian Myth; ISIS births, nurtures, teaches and protects Horus. We are Horus, the young spiritual warriors, to whom the Divine Mother shows the way. It is up to us whether we choose to walk it.  

The courses of the Living Light focus on the awakening process through personal and spiritual development. They are not workshops on Goddess worship, Egyptian Reiki or teachings on ISIS. ISIS is the Being of Light who oversees the Teachings of the Living Light, she is not the system itself. 

Fotoula Adrimi speaking about the Path of ISIS and the Living Light

The path of the Living Light, The Path of Isis

“I am the Mother of All beings, 

the Nurturer, the Keeper of the ways. 

I open the doors for the soul to know itself, through experience.

 I am the Light of the Divine. 

I am the Way of Awareness. 

Through me the Light is born 

into the world”.

These are the words of ISIS, 

channelled by Fotoula Adrimi