The Teachings of the Living Light are a path to Awakening and Ascension that can span

lifetimes. These Teachings, also known as The Path of ISIS, aim to open us to the

Light of the World, so that we can become that Light.

The Path of ISIS / The Path of the Living Light –
two ways to work with the teachings

The Path of ISET is explained as the path towards the embodiment of the Divine Self. Although the path is remembered through direct revelation from the Spirit of ISET to her channel, Fotoula Adrimi, and refers to the Golden Times of ancient Egypt, this path has always been around in various forms. Fotoula has worked with the path in past lives, and her guidance is to introduce the teachings for these times now.

The ISIS School of Holistic Health offers courses for these teachings under two strands

  1. The Seven Gates of Awareness Teachings
    These start with the Introductory 3-day Course: The Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1. The Seven Gates is the main teaching for the Path of ISIS and consists of a huge body of work that is taught over many courses and years. The emphasis on this teaching is for practitioners to develop and embody the esoteric knowledge of the high vibrational energy through rituals, ceremonies, and regular spiritual practice.
    This is an experiential path that gradually awakens us to the Light that we are.

  2. The Living Light Pre-recorded Webinars on Ancient Egyptian Spirituality
    This strand consists of the Introductory Webinar, and the Living Light 1 and Living Light 2 Courses. These online webinars offer a rounded journey of key aspects of the spirituality of the Living Light as it was practiced in ancient Egypt, as well as activations, empowerments and spiritual practices.

    There is more theory and historical references in these modules and although there are some suggested spiritual practices they are optional. 

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The Path of ISIS:

The Teachings of the Living Light

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Fotoula speaks about the

Path of ISIS / the Path of

the Living Light

The courses of the Living Light focus on the awakening process through personal

and spiritual development. 

ISIS is the Being of Light who oversees the Teachings of the Living Light, she is not the system itself.