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The ISIS School of Holistic Health

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Online Introductory Shamanic 
Course –

The Shamanic Way – starting Fri 30th Oct

The Shamanic Way – 

A Seven Module Online Introductory Course 

on Shamanism

This course offers a concise introduction into the shamanic ways. We will explore foundation teachings on how to journey, access the different etheric planes (lower, middle and upper worlds), work with power animals and spirit guides, build an altar and create ceremony. We will also work with the Medicine Wheel, including the directions and their spirit keepers. We will learn ways to integrate the shamanic work into our lives. 

The course will be facilitated by Fotoula Adrimi, Shamanic Teacher and Practitioner. Fotoula has been practising the shamanic ways, professionally for over 14 years. She has studied with indigenous shamans in America and the Himalayas, and with western shamanic teachers. Fotoula completed her shamanic teacher training with Sandra Ingerman. A shamanic lineage runs in her family line.

Workshop Content

Seven Modules, each of 1.5 hours. (UK times are shown below – please check your time zone).

Module 1 – 19.00-20.30, Friday 30th October – Connecting with our Power Animal

We have animal Guides; one we were born with and others who help us in our shamanic work. The spirit animals teach us through deep experiences and soul connection. They are also our protectors as we journey to the hidden realms.

Module 2 – 12.00-13.30, Saturday 31st October – Connecting with the River of Life

Life-force energy and flow build and strengthen our etheric body and our capacity to work deeply with etheric energy. We learn to journey through the river of life and surrender to its flow.

Module 3 – 19.00-20.30, Friday 6th November – Shamanic Journey to the Lower World

The pathway to the lower world(s) opens through purification with the water element and the energy of the caves of the Earth.

Module 4 – 10.00-11.30, Saturday 7th November – Merging with the Eagle – The Way of the Rising Sun

The light of the east guides us into a journey of initiation and new beginnings. We seek to rebirth ourselves in the Medicine Wheel. The eagle and the east herald a new path of awareness. Armed with the Eagle's vision, we gain a different perspective of our life and the world.

Module 5 – 19.00-20.30, Friday 13th November – The Lesson from Fox / Coyote

We continue our path on the Medicine Wheel. Through the fires of the south we access the lower world. The fox teaches us about energy loss and fragmentation, and how to gather our scattered energy.

Module 6 – 19.00-20.30, Friday 27th November – The Strength of the Bear

In this module we focus on practical shamanism that supports us to live our soul's path, and take care of ourselves, family, tribe and Mother Earth. This is middle world healing work in the west.

Module 7 – 11.00-12.30, Saturday 5th December – Power Song – The Gift of the North

This module offers a practice of transformation and healing for ourselves, whilst honouring Mother Earth and all life. 

It is a time to learn how to do ceremony and build our shamanic personal practice. We discover that the way to spirit goes through the Earth. We complete one round of the Medicine Wheel only to start again.

(Please note the workshop is for personal use only. The workshop content cannot be shared with others. 

It is to inform your practice and spiritual work.)

Online Platform – Zoom

Fotoula will teach the course through zoom. All sessions will be recorded (no participants will be seen and no recordings will take place during question and sharing time. Only Fotoula will appear in the recordings). The recording will be sent to you so that you can revisit the sessions as often as you wish. These recordings are also for personal use only.

The Cost of the Course

£225.00 per person (£75.00 deposit to secure your place, £75.00 paid by the 30th Oct, and £75.00 paid by the 27th Nov. The cost is reduced to £200.00 if paid before the course starts on 30th Oct. You can pay either through Bank Transfer (email The School, [email protected], for the bank details) or through PayPal using [email protected]

Those who have completed the Shamanic Practitioner's course with Fotoula, can participate for the reduced fee of £70. (Please note for overseas participants paying with PayPal the cost for the course is £230.00, deposit £80.00. This is reduced to £205.00 if paid in full before 30th Oct.)

All fees paid are non refundable and non transferrable. The reduced fee, that carries a discount, paid in advance, is also non refundable and non transferrable.