The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

All our Regular Online Circles, and the Live and Recorded Webinars we offer

Regular Weekly and Monthly Online Circles

              Online Shamanic Circle – Monday evenings

              Online Meditation and Chanting Circle – Thursday evenings

              Monthly Online ISET Practitioner Circle 

Current and Upcoming Live Webinars 

             The Golden Book of Wisdom, Part 4, Webinar Course – Tuesday evenings, starts 18 May – it is

                      also possible to sign up for individual Modules

             Online Shamanic Course: The Path of the Eagle 2 – started

             Online Shamanic Workshop with Nepalese Shaman, Bhola Banstola – 25-27 June

             Online Shamanic Practitioner Training: A two-year programme starting Nov 2021

Recorded Webinar Course – available to purchase

             Webinar: Introductory Webinar: Spiritual Tradition of the Golden Times of Ancient Egypt – Embodying

                the Living Light

             Webinar: The Path of the Living Light from the Golden imes of Ancient Egypt – A Seven Module Course

                in Spiritual Development and Soul Evolution

             Webinar: The Golden Book of Wisdom, Part 1: Shedding Skin – Nine Modules

             Webinar: The Godlen Book of Wisdom, Part 2: Into the Spirit – The Flying Serpent

             Webinar: The Golden Book of Wisdom, Part 3: From the Spirit to the Body – The Oruoboros

             Webinar: The Journey of Initiation, Self-realisation and Empowerment – Seven Modules

             Webinar: Women's Rites Course – the Magic of the Sacred Blood - Four Modules

             Webinar: Introductory Shamanic Course – the Shamanic Way – Seven Modules

             Webinar: The Path of the Eagle 1 – Walking the Shamanic Journey

Worldwide Meditation: Creating a network of Light, Wednesday morning 7.30-9.00 UK time

Every Wednesday morning Fotoula and Fi, teachers of The ISIS School of Holistic Health, invite you to meditate with them from your own home. When we meditate or engage in any spiritual practice with a pure intention and for the highest good, we raise the vibration of the planet.

You can also connect with our energy transmissions. The ISIS Energy Transmissions of the Living Light take place weekly on Wednesday evenings and the Rays of Divine Consciousness Transmissions are monthly on a Sunday afternoon.