The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Online Courses, Workshops, and Circles


We Offer the Following Online Courses and Circles:

Online Course: The Journey of Initiation

The course is a foundation teaching on soul evolution and it is open to all spiritual seekers. You will be working with high vibration etheric energy, visualisation techniques, meditation and shamanic journeying, guided step by step in different practices that take you into the initiation and activation of the soul gifts you bring to the Earth. The course is both for beginners and advanced spiritual practitioners, healers and teachers. It will work with you at your level and can help you build awareness of your gifts and retrieval of your sacred knowledge from this and other lives.

You will purchase all recordings, which you can download through dropbox and work with them as many times as you wish. Every time, the experience may be different. 

Online Shamanic Circle: Monday Evening – 19:00-20:30 UK time Via Zoom

Fotoula Adrimi is an experienced shamanic teacher and practitioner who has helped hundreds of people find their calling through shamanism and alternative spirituality. In the circle she shares shamanic teachings, journeying, meditations and ceremonies in an online community setting. 

Online Meditation and Chanting Circle: Thursday Evening – 18:50-20:30 UK time via Zoom

Fi Sutherland has been meditating daily for 25 years. She is an experienced teacher of meditation, and has facilitated a Meditation Circle in Glasgow since 2011. In this online circle Fi shares meditation teachings and practices including visualisations, mantra chanting and the silence of equanimity. 

Online ISIS Practitioner's Circle: via Zoom

This is an opportunity for the Initiates of the Living Light to come together and practice spiritual teachings. ISET, the Great Mother, will guide each session through Fotoula.  

Online Women's Rites Course – The Magic of the Sacred Blood – starts 19.00-21.00 (UK time), 22nd Sept 

In this online course we come together as a community of women to harness our Divine feminine energy and rebirth our sacred self. We join in circle as maidens, mothers and elders to share ceremonies, wisdom teachings, and the gifts of our soul. The course consists of four modules each of two hours 19.00-21.00 (UK time). The course begins on 22nd September, the Autmun Equinox. The other three modules on the 1st, 9th and 16th October, take participants on a journey through the phases of the moon.

The Golden Book of Wisdom: Online Webinar Course – Tuesdays, 19.00-21.00 (UK time) 27 Oct-22 Dec

In these online interactice webinars Fotoula will share the spiritual teachings from her book The Golden Book of Wisdom: ancient spirituality and shamanism for modern times. She will also guide people through the key ceremonies and exercises within the chapters.

Worldwide Meditation: Creating a network of Light, Wednesday morning 7.30-9.00 UK time

Every Wednesday morning Fotoula and Fi, teachers of The ISIS School of Holistic Health, invite you to meditate with them from your own home. When we meditate or engage in any spiritual practice with a pure intention and for the highest good, we raise the vibration of the planet.

You can also connect with our energy transmissions. These take place weekly on Wednesday evenings and monthly on a Sunday afternoon.