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The Moondance Ceremony

28th Aug-4th Sept 2020 in Southern Germany

The Moondance is a ceremony of the Mayan People, although it is believed that in ancient times this ceremony took place all over the Earth. It was rediscovered in Mexico 20 years ago through a medicine woman-grandmother called Isabell Varga. At some point Isabell was guided through visions, to share the moondance ceremony with people of all races.

The dance is very profound. The ceremony aims to bring us into a state of balance by allowing the flow of the feminine and masculine within us and out into the world. It is a dance that calls to both women and men. The dance lasts four nights leading up to the full moon. It’s not just a rhythmic movement, the dance follows particular patterns of movement, it is a dance of the ancient serpent. It is through this deep, earthy rhythm that we can connect within and awaken our potential and power as women and men.

In the moondance the women dance within a circle – the yin circle, being carried by the heartbeat of the grandmother drum, which is played by the men who gather outside the circle – the yang circle. During the dance everyone sings the old sacred songs. The voices and dancing of the women, and the singing and drumming of the men flow and weave into each other, creating a beautiful, strong web. Being together in this way heals the relationship between the feminine and masculine, the female and the male.

The dance is facilitated by Claudia Wolff. Claudia has danced the moondance 11 times and in 2018 she birthed her own Moondance Circle. 2020 will be the third year of this new circle. 

Although the ceremony takes place in Southern Germany, there will be some english translation, as the dance attracts people from all countries. 

For more information in English on the ceremony, 

please contact The ISIS School: [email protected] 

To book a place and pay the deposit: email Claudia Wolff at LebensHeilPraxis, Claudia – [email protected]

The Moondance Ceremony 2020

Dates:    28th July-4th September 2020                         

Venue:    Southern Germany, rural location (nearest airport Stuttgart)