A Transmission of the Rays of Divine Consciousness takes place once a month. Everyone may experience and receive the Rays, through this distant transmission.
There is no requirement for you to believe in the Rays, ISIS, Archangel Gabriel or the Divine, to receive the energy and participate in the Transmission.  

Rays of Divine Consciousness Monthly Transmissions

16.00-17.00, Sunday 15th Aug

16.00-17.00, Sunday 19th Sept

Times shown are for the UK timezone, either Greenwich or British summer time, please adjust for your own timezone.  

Sit or lie down at the appointed time and bring your attention to your heart. Ask for the Rays to be transmitted 

to you from the group. The transmission lasts an hour. Afterwards you may feel tired or slightly light-headed, especially if you are not used to high vibrational energies. You are encouraged to drink plenty of water and 

rest to allow the energy to integrate. 


If the energy is too strong for you, or you have a headache, you can disengage at any time. Place your hands, 

palms down, on the floor to let the Earth ground you. 


If you find the Rays transmission beneficial and you wish to make a donation, 

this would be welcomed. You can do this through paypal with the email address info@isis-school.com which is linked to a paypal account. 


If you wish to activate your spiritual 12-stranded DNA and learn to channel this light for yourself, you can take part in the Rays retreat.


Please note that you engage with any distant Transmissions at your own risk and there is no liability for The ISIS School of Holistic Health or any other people taking part in the Transmissions.

Transmissions Dates – 2021

To Receive the Rays Transmission Distantly