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The soul's purpose is to awaken

Lotus School of Meditation

Meditation is an ancient spiritual practice, the purpose of which is spiritual awakening. Taking incarnation as a human being, offers us a wonderful opportunity, to awaken our Divine Consciousness whilst living in a body.

Meditation is a way of discovering the core of who we are. 

It helps us dive into the wisdom mind, to hear the voice of our soul essence and differentiate between this voice, and the voice of the conditioning.

The meditation groups are open to all, beginners and experienced practitioners.

Fi has been meditating daily for 23 years. 

In this short video she shares teachings on meditation.


The Monthly Meditation and Spiritual Dervelopment Group meets once a month on Saturday mornings from 10.00am-1.00pm, in the Library of the Glasgow Theosophical Society. Cost £20.00

We will next meet on Saturday 16th February 

Dates for 2019:
2 March, 11 May, 24 Aug, 5 Oct, 23 Nov, 14 Dec

The Meditation and chanting Circle meets on Thursday evenings from 7.00-8.30pm in the east end of Glasgow. Cost £5.00

Dates and programme:

17 Jan:   Guru Rinpoche Mantra – Mantra of               


24 Jan:   Tara Mantra – generating compassion

31 Jan:   Satto Hung Mantra – purifying karma

07 Feb:   Transfiguration – being the light we are

14 Feb:   Lokah Samastra Mantra – generating

                   loving kindness

21 Feb:   Hare Krishna Mantra – raising


28 Feb:   Buddha Amitabha Mantra – overcoming

                   obstacles and hindrances

07 Mar:   Earth Mantra – healing for the Earth

14 Mar:   No group

21 Mar:   Full Moon Ceremony

28 Mar:   No group

For more information or to book a place in either of the groups email Fi at [email protected]