The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Lotus School of Meditation

Meditation is an ancient spiritual practice, the 

purpose of which is spiritual awakening. Taking 

incarnation as a human being, offers us a wonderful opportunity, to awaken our Divine Consciousness 

whilst living in a body.

Meditation is a way of discovering the core of who we 

are. It helps us dive into the wisdom mind, to hear the voice of our soul essence and differentiate between 

this voice, and the voice of the conditioning.

The meditation groups are open to all, beginners and experienced practitioners.

Fi has been meditating daily since 1995. 

In this short video she shares teachings on meditation.

Online Meditation Circle

The Meditation and Chanting Circle is meeting online through Zoom from 6.50pm-8.30pm each Thursday  


26 Nov  –  Lokaha Samastah Mantra – generating
                  loving kindness
03 Dec  –  Guru Rinpoche Mantra – generating our
                  own power and wisdom – Followed by an
                  Activation from our Higher Self to help us
                  dissolve the conditioning in the mind and
10 Dec  –  Prajnaparamitra Mantra – generating light
17 Dec  –  Peace Mantra – generating peace within
                  ourselves and out in the world

Time:      6.50-8.30pm

Cost:      £5.00 – pay through Bank Transfer or PayPal 

Online:   Zoom link

To pay by Bank Transfer email [email protected] 

for our bank details

Pay via PayPal using the email address –  

[email protected] 

If possible please pay the fee any time before 

12 noon on the day of the Circle. Also email Fi at – [email protected] to confirm your attendance and 

Fi will send you the Zoom link for the online session.

(Note: fees are non refundable and non transferrable).

If you are joining from outside the UK and paying via PayPal, the fee is £5.50 to cover the foreign transaction fee. In order to create a safe and sacred space, no recordings of the webinars are permitted.