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The ISIS School of Holistic Health

Awakening into the stillness of the light of the world

Path of the Earth – Medicine for the Earth – next course dates TBC

A shaman embodies both the power of the Earth and the power of the Sky. Whilst they fly to the alternative realities to seek guidance from enlightened spirits, they also work with the Earth and nature spirits as caretakers of the planet.

In shamanism, the Earth is regarded as an intelligent living organism, a being of consciousness. The planet provides a home, nurturing and support to spiritual entities, who wish to take physical form, such as a human body, and experience physical life. 

The Medicine for the Earth workshop provides tools for us to be active participants in the well-being of all life, and co-creators of our own reality and that of the planet. 

Healing the planet, we heal ourselves with the light that we are.

In the workshop we will:

  •   work with ancient myths and stories about life on Earth, as well as our own role as caretakers of the Earth;
  •    work with the four elements; acknowledging them as living entities, responsible for all life;
  •   connect with our own earth, our bones, to increase our spiritual power;
  •   learn the practice of shamanic transfiguration to transmute environmental pollution and toxic energy;
  •   learn to connect with the land and work with nature spirits to increase the vitality of places, including our home;
  •   learn the practice of Earth retrieval and shamanic dreaming, to co-create a harmonious new reality for the planet. 

The workshop’s focus is healing, helping each of us become a “hollow bone” for our Divinity to shine through. 

Through sacred chant, visualisation, shamanic journeying and ceremony we come into the healing state of luminosity.

Prerequisite: Experience with shamanic journeying is required. If you would like to practice shamanic journeying, 

you could attend the Glasgow Shamanic Circle – The way of the drum, or take the introductory course, The Path of the Eagle: Journey of the Shaman.

Workshop: Medicine for the Earth

Dates: TBC, 10:00am–5.00pm

Cost:   £185 per person, deposit £90

Venue: The Theosophical Society, 17 Queen's Crescent, Glasgow, G4 9BL

The course will be taught by Fotoula Adrimi, an experienced Shamanic teacher. For more information, please at The ISIS School of Holistic Health.

Suggested reading: Ingerman, S. 2001, Medicine for the Earth – How to transmute personal and environmental toxins, Random House Publishing

Audio: Ingerman, S. Miracles for the Earth (2004) Sounds True