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After teaching and practising the Path of the Living Light since 2007, Fotoula Adrimi, was asked by her spirit guide, ISET (ISIS), to share key aspects of this ancient pathway of spiritual development and soul evolution. Throughout the Online Webinar Fotoula is guided by ISET and other enlightened teachers from the NETERU (cosmic beings of Light).

Seven Modules – Seven Teachings – Seven Guided Spiritual Practices

Module 1

Incarnation through the KA, from the etherial to the physical world. Understanding of the KA body and working with the double. 

Living Light 1 Online Course

Module 2 

The Infinite Spirit, the BA, The Monad, soul groups and soul family. Connecting with different aspects of existence.


Module 3

Into the Pyramids: Connection to the astral bodies through the different chambers. The Sirius portal.


Module 4

The Band of Peace, the Nile Temples and the energies and principles they connect to, the NETERU (enlightened cosmic energies and principles manifesting as consciousness).

Module 5

RA-HARAKTI: The teaching about the journey of the night of the soul which completes through the ascension of the spirit as the Rising Sun, also called, The HORUS of the East.


Module 6

Working with the portals and dimensions through their guardians. The etheric keys that are still found

in the ancient temples.


Module 7

The Divine Mother speaks. Channellings from ISIS and HAT-HOR: The Mother who feeds all beings with her essence of unconditional love, portrayed as the milk from her breast. Questions and Answers. Final attunement.



The Online Course is for beginners in spiritual work as well as experienced practitioners. It will support anyone who is drawn to the teachings of the Path of the Living Light and ancient Egyptian spirituality, whether they have just stepped onto the pathway or have been walking it for many years.  


The Course is for personal use only, and the content cannot be shared with others. It is to inform your practice and spiritual work.

Living Light 1

Purchase and Watch Online

Living Light 1 – 7 Module Course, 7 Teachings, 7 Spiritual Practices

This course can be purchased and viewed through our Online Courses Page. Cost £170.00   (Module length from  83-93 mins)


Any questions please email The School –

All fees are non refundable and non transferable


Reduced Cost for Initiates of the Path of ISIS / Path of the Living Light

For anyone who has attended the 3-day Course: Spiritual Path of ISET, Part 1 with The ISIS School of Holistic Health, and who wishes to purchase the Living Light 1 Online Course the cost is reduced to £80.00. Please contact the School ( if this applies to you and we will ensure you receive the reduced rate. 

Living Light I the Seeker of Knowledge

Living Light 1: the Seeker of Knowledge – THOTH

Seven Module Online Course 

Seven teachings on the esoteric knowledge of the spirituality

of Ancient Egypt

with seven spiritual practices

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