The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

The soul's purpose is to awaken

Recorded Course – The Journey of Initiation

Initiation into high vibration through star connection with the Pleiades

The Journey of Initiation, 

Self-realisation and Empowerment

The course is unique. It was masterminded by Beings of Light from higher dimensions. It is specifically about developing our human potential and participating in the next stage of the Earth's evolution. We work etherically with Beings of Light and star-beings who wish to help us evolve spiritually through the transference of high vibrational, universal energies. 

The course is about soul evolution and it is open to all spiritual seekers. Experience of working 

with etheric energy, visualisation techniques, meditation or shamanic journeying is useful, 

but not essential. 

Seven Modules

The course consists of seven modules. Each module is a step in the journey, building our connection with 

our limitless self, and the high vibrational energies of the cosmos, which are our birthright. We will walk the path together with the spirit teachers of this group, living and breathing our spiritual calling for a different state of being 

and a high vibrational Earth.

As this course is a journey, participants need to intend to take part in all seven modules. All modules are delivered together simultaneously through dropbox. We recommend that you take at least one month per module, to assimilate the teachings therein, and to listen to the recordings more than once. However, you can go at your own pace; there are no time constraints in this work.   

The course is facilitated by Fotoula Adrimi and a team of highly-evolved helping spirits that work for the highest good of humanity and the Earth. 

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Included in the Course (via dropbox)

  • 8 short mp4 videos introducing the course and each module
  • 14 MP3 audio recordings taking you step by step into each module 
  • A manual for the entire course 

Module Content and Steps in the Journey

Module 1: Building the Foundation for the Journey

- Meet a master of light, our spiritual guide in the transcended realities, 

      and receive an attunement of resonance through the chakra system;

- Create an altar that will support you in your journey;

- Journey through the crystal grid and the pyramid of light;

- Journey to the Tree of Life.

Fotoula Adrimi talks about The Journey of Initiationnn     

Soul Evolution and DNA activation

Module 2: Blueprint Activation: our ultimate potential

- Build a connection with your blueprint, through the chakra system;

- Activation by your blueprint to access inner abilities;

- Connect etherically to an ancient mystery school to receive initiation.

Module 3: Stepping into the Grid of Power

- Become a conscious part of the ley line network and experience the

      interconnectedness of all life;

- Connect with past lives to bring awareness, understanding and healing

      potential into your current life.

Module 4: Initiation

- Stripping away the layers that hide the inner essence;

- Resurrection of the authentic Self and second Initiation;

- Receive a personal symbol in a healing journey;

- Receive an activation of the codes of power.

Module 5: Embodying the Spiritual Calling

- Merge with spiritual entities of light;

- Transfiguration into our essence and aspect of Oneness;

- The mirror of Truth, revealing sacred geometry and soul light;

- Dissolving into the void.

Module 6: Changing Skin – Reclaiming the Earth

- Activation of our healing potential through the Blue Ray attunement;

- Removing discordant etheric energies from your aura; 

- Extinguishing unskillful energy patterns that linger around the Earth and hold back our evolutionary process.

Module 7: Stepping into the Flow as a Caretaker of the Earth

- The hall of the Seven Gates;

- Attunement to star energies of the Pleiades constellation;

- Activation of the soul's gifts to the Earth;

- Third Initiation: receive a sacred name and graduate.