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“I am the Mother of All beings, the Nurturer, the Keeper of the ways.  I open the doors for the soul to know itself, through experience.I am the Light of the Divine. I am the Way of Awareness. Through me, the Light (HORAN in the horizon), is born into the world”.


These are the words of ISIS, channelled by Fotoula Adrimi

ISIS is the Mother of unconditional love for all beings. She is known by many different names in many different cultures. The ancient Greeks called her, ISIS myrionimos, the one with one thousand names. ISIS is an ancient Greek and then anglicised form of the original Egyptian name ISET. ISET has never taken physical form. She and other Beings of Light, created the circumstances for life to exist on Earth, well before Lemuria and Atlantis. ISET is an enlightened being, teacher and guide of the awakening process on Earth. 

ISET extends an invitation to study the Teachings of the Living Light as a way of awakening through the sacred heart. She has offered these enlightened teachings through channelling over many years, to her teacher in the material plane, Fotoula. Although the Teachings, include references to the Golden Times of Egypt and previous civilisations, they are designed to help humanity through the current time of transition; out of the age of the conditioned chaos into the era of the enlightened spirit.   


ISET is not a Goddess in the traditional sense; she does not ask us to worship her, become a devotee, or live in a particular way. She does not ask us to believe in any dogma, or give up any beliefs we already have. This is an individual path of personal development and self-empowerment.

ISET relates to the star of Sirius, whose ancient name is Sothis. As the enlightened being ISET-Sothis, she brings the Light of Sirius to guide the ascension process on Earth. If you wish to experience the energy of the Living Light, you can take part in the ISIS Energy Transmissions, or study the esoteric teachings of this path beginning with the Foundation Teachings of Gate 1.

ISIS Teacher of the Light

ISIS, the Great Mother of 1000 names

The Spirit Teacher of the Path of the Living Light

Goddess ISIS Divine Mother
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