The ISIS School of Holistic Health, UK

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

Awakening into the stillness of the light of the world

ISIS Healing Therapy – An energy therapy for inner transformation

About ISIS Healing

ISIS Healing works at soul level to bring us into balance with our soul’s purpose. The energy embodies high vibrations of Divine Consciousness. The issues we face in our lives form part of the eternal journey of the soul, through space and time. The healing invites us to open the doors of our heart to our inner knowing and authentic Self.

As we travel through life, we can get stuck in belief systems and habits losing our clarity to follow our path. The healing(s) open our awareness to see our life in a bigger perspective and to free ourselves from what no longer serves us.

In the healing, these high vibrational energies work with you at soul level, empowering you to move into different directions in life. The healing is a useful pointer, to help you walk on your path, however it is up to you to take the necessary steps. You might find that results are more long-lasting when you do your own personal work.

At the same time, there is a very practical outcome to ISIS Healing as it aims to bring a person’s body and spirit into a state of natural balance. It addresses many levels at once: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, the auric field and the chakras. The energy bodies are cleansed and revitalised with high vibrations, allowing the natural life-force energy to flow more freely through all the energy systems.

The ISIS School of Healing is part of a very ancient lineage of spiritual growth, which is at least 5,000 years old dating from the Pyramid Texts and beyond. The lineage has been re-introduced by Fotoula Adrimi directly from ISIS. The School holds the copyright of the ISIS Healing modality and implements and maintains very high standards.

The School holds a list of practitioners who undertake healing work in this field.

Preparation for ISIS Healing

The more you are able to prepare for a session, the more potential benefit you will receive. It is good to reflect on what you wish to achieve from the session. In practical terms it is important not to have any alcohol or recreational drugs the day before, the day of the session and the day after, as it will interfere with the energy.

Therapy Session

On the day of the session drink plenty of water.

At the start of the therapy session, the practitioner will talk with you about the issue and together you will explore possible outcomes. You will be lying down, fully clothed, on a therapy table. The therapist will give you suggestions to help you relax, whilst the energy is channelled. The practitioner may chant or tone and place their hands on different parts of your body to direct the energy.

The healing helps relax the body and mind. Some people may experience physical sensations such as heat, cold, tingles or see colours. Others may go into a deep state of relaxation, or even fall asleep. Areas which are dis-eased, may be painful, however, the pain usually goes away after the session. All these experiences are normal and due to the energy moving through and unblocking the meridians in the body.

Each session lasts an hour and a quarter.

Distant healing

The practitioner will contact you at the appointed time. You will be asked to lie down whilst the healing takes place and avoid reading or watching television. Distant Healing is much quicker than face-to-face healing. Each session lasts approximately 20-30 minutes, but you should lie down for the full hour to allow the energy to integrate. 


Energy Healing is not a magic wand. It can take several days to integrate into the body.

After the healing you will probably feel tired. This is normal. In all cases it is best to have an early night, avoid alcohol and, if possible, any form of stimulation, including television, computers and mobile phones. Drink plenty of water.

If you are given specific advice or instructions during the session, these will be highlighted to you. It is vital to follow these to complete your healing process.

Energy Healing is an alchemical process which involves both the practitioner and client. The practitioner does their part and you, as the client, have to do your part for the best possible outcome. However, as with all energy work, the healing works for the Highest Good and this may be different from your intention. We cannot control the flow of life. Therefore, results cannot be guaranteed.


According to UK legislation, complementary therapies are not a substitute for mainstream medical treatment. 

The practitioners do not claim to cure or diagnose illness.