The ISIS School of Holistic Health, UK

The ISIS School of Holistic Health

Awakening into the stillness of the light of the world

ISIS Ceremonies

Temple of ISIS - Philae island, Egypt.

On Equinoxes, Solstices, midwinter, the start of Summer, the Heliac rise of Sirius and other significant dates, the School facilitates special ceremonies to enable ISET practitioners to connect with these important energies and increase their vibration. The ceremonies are open to all who have completed the Spiritual Path of ISET, Part I.

During the ceremonies, ISET practitioners:

  • Link together with the ancestors who carried out these ceremonies;

  • Learn to create sacred waters for self-healing;

  • Merge with the energy of ISET and the Universe to increase their spiritual power, their KA, and protection through 
   the sacred knot of ISET;

  • Reconnect with the ancient wisdom of the Pyramid Texts and the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead;

  • Empower their spiritual development; and

  • Increase the vibration of the planet, bringing the Living Light of ISET onto the Earth.

Dates for the ISET Ceremonies in 2018 

These ceremonies are open to all ISET practitioners giving all Initiates the opportunity to participate. Please let Fotoula know if you wish to attend,

28 October – 4.00pm, Day of the Dead Ceremony, The Mysteries of AUSIR

21 December – 7.00pm, Winter Solstice Ceremony, The Birth of HORAN