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These workshops can be taken individually or together. The first workshop is an introduction to shamanism and shamanic journeying and it is a wonderful foundation course for anyone who is:

  • interested in exploring shamanism; 

  • who has done some journeying in the past and wishes to come back to it; or

  • has been working with other holistic disciplines and resonates with this ancient path of the Earth and Sky. 

Participants who take part in the Introductory Workshop are welcome to join the second workshop, Introduction to the Medicine Wheel. This workshop is also open to anyone who already has some familiarity with shamanism and shamanic journeying. 


Both workshops require advanced booking with deposit and pre-registration. If a person is not be able to attend due to issues with Covid (for example they have covid symptoms ore they have been asked to isolate, or feel more comfortable staying at home etc), they will have the opportunity to join the workshop online via zoom. Links will be sent nearer the time. We ask any participant who may have Covid like symptoms to either join online or produce a negative test.



Cost for taking part in both workshops:  £175, if booked together. 

Dates:        10.00-17.00, 24-25 July 2021

Deposit:     £75

Venue:       17 Queen's Crescent, Glasgow G4 9BL 

Introduction to Shamanism


In this one day Introduction to Shamanism workshop 

we explore:


  • foundation teachings on how to journey shamanically and access the different etheric planes in the lower, middle and upper worlds;

  • how to open sacred space and work safely with our spirit guides and power animals;

  • how to build a shamanic altar;

  • what is classic shamanism and shamanic healing. 


Cost:       £95

Deposit:   £45 – non refundable and non transferable

Date:        10.00-17.00, 24 July 2021

Venue:     17 Queen's Crescent, Glasgow G4 9BL 

Introduction to the Medicine Wheel

medicine wheel.jpeg

The Medicine Wheel gives us an incredible framework to understand the human experience, and embody our spirituality and calling. 


We will travel the wheel and meet each of the directions, their gifts and teachings, and work with their spirit keepers. We will explore:


  • The symbology of each of the directions, 

  • Power songs relating to the directions and invocations;

  • The spirit keepers of the directions;

  • The application of the teaching in human life;

  • Shamanic journeys of each direction;

  • Connecting all the layers: physical, astral and spiritual and finding our place in the Wheel. 


Cost:       £95

Deposit:  £45 – non refundable and non transferable

Date:       10.00-17.00, 25 July 2021

Venue:     17 Queen's Crescent, Glasgow G4 9BL

24th and 25th July 2021, Glasgow

Two Separate Workshops in Classic Shamanism

Introduction to Shamanism and the Medicine Wheel

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